Get Packed Review – Car Crashes And Forklift Fumbles

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Developed by Moonshine Studios and published by Coatsink, Get Packed is a manic packing game with some interesting concepts. You see slides, forklifts, and hordes of black Friday shoppers, But will any of these get in the way of your job? If not then your friends and family might! Get Packed is currently only available on the Google Stadia as an exclusive.


Get Packed is a fun and very fast-paced packing game. You play as a part of a removal firm, the aim of the game is to quite simply pack as many items as you can. Whilst playing you receive regular prompts from your clients requesting that certain items be packed ASAP. This sounds easy but it is a lot harder than you think! The slightest knock of an ancient artifact and it breaks into pieces!

Each level has its own theme and challenges, you come across busy roads (that can literally end your game) to hordes of sale shoppers that trample you down. Whilst you have challenges there are also clever little touches, for example, you can pick up a stock sign and slow down the traffic and on one level there is even a slide. Although I couldn’t quite work out how to get down it with a large item.

In addition to the main game, there is also a destruction mode available on the game. This mode really is as simple as it sounds. You need to cause as much carnage as possible and the higher the costs of the damage the higher your score will be. Both of the game modes are a great laugh especially if you go head to head.


At the start of games night, there were no issues it was just old packing up/heist fun. The graphics really compliment this type of game and for most of us, it ran like a dream considering this was all played from Google Chrome.

However! Due to the minimum upload, this did hinder the gaming experience and graphics for some of the players. We saw graphical glitches and experience lag. I would like to point out at this stage that this has nothing to do with the game but the Google Stadia Chrome experience.

Stu N Says:

“If Stadia didn’t have a min upload of 10mb the game would have been an 11/10 for me. Action-packed fun with your mates, PERFECT for lockdown”


I have to be honest, I didn’t notice the soundtrack when playing, I was far too involved in trying to pack the van up! However, the sound effects did play a big part. From the destruction of the items we were moving out to the car crashes and explosions, the effects made the game frantic. They weren’t over the top so all you could hear were clashes and bangs, but they were enough to make you worry about what you have broken but at the same time hear your moving buddies.


I personally think with party games like this, you get longevity in a different way to the norm. It is not like you would sit down and play this solo and spend hours moving and breaking valuable items. It is a game that you will pick up time and time again with family and friends and have a really fun time playing.

Stu S Says:

“Playing this game with friends instantly caused us to fall out, Friends should never work together”

He definitely has a point, If you watched our live stream you would have seen that our teamwork did not make the dream work. I think we broke more than we packed, however, that is half the fun! I mean pivoting a sofa out of the office into the van was not our strong point!


I really enjoyed playing Get Packed, it was a nice getaway/break from some of the more intense games I have been playing. I will definitely revisit Get Packed with friends again as it was a lot of fun. It was also a nice surprise to everyone playing that Google Stadia could be played via Chrome! The only thing I have to say about this game is that I really wish there were more levels available. As this has only just been released though, this is something I would expect to come at a later date. It would also be crazy fun if they updated the game with a create your own level. Let’s keep watching this space!

I award Get Packed for the Google Stadia a Thumb Culture Gold Award

Developer: Moonshine Studios
Publisher: Coatsink
Release Date: 28/04/2020
Platforms: Stadia

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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