GameSir F4 Falcon – The Must Have Accessory For Your Mobile FPS Arsenal

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The F4 Falcon mobile controller instantly impressed. With it’s light-weight and foldable design, limited moving parts, clickable buttons, and cushioning pads to house your precious device, you can tell it’s been built with the user in mind and for serious hours of gaming involved. GameSir has created a masterpiece that will surely impress both casual and avid Mobile gamers.


The F4 Falcon has been designed from the ground up to promote all aspects of the mobile accessory with a limited compromise for the end-user. Some key standout elements that came to my mind throughout my playtime with it: 

  • There are minimal moving parts: there are no pads to replicate a thumb press, instead, it’s initiated directly from the trigger press which reduces the time to react drastically – during my playtime I always felt like the fastest to respond and react to incoming threats, which meant I didn’t lose a single engagement unless taken by surprise. It’s a clear gamechanger for anyone who’s invested in mobile FPS gaming.
  • Lightweight, foldable design: the mobile controller is super lightweight, and with it’s foldable design means it’s comfortable to put in your pocket without risking breaking the device. Most of the mobile controllers on the market feel flimsy, however, the build quality of the F4 Falcon feels incredibly strong and built to last.
  • Grooves beneath the triggers: to avoid accidental presses onto sound or power buttons. This has become the bane of my existence when using other accessories for my mobile phone. As you often have to remove the device to resolve the problem.

The mobile controller also comes with USB-C charging, which is perfect in today’s world where most of our phones have USB-C as standard, further reducing the need to carry multiple cables around for all of your devices. Battery consumption is incredibly low, the controller itself only turns on when the phone is put within it, which is an incredible design concept and great for avoiding accidental turning on of the controller. 

F4 Falcon bumper grooves


I was able to use the F4 Falcon for a bunch of games including Call of Duty: Mobile and PUBG – the only limitation was being able to adjust the positioning of the buttons and in all cases, it played beautifully. The mobile controller was barely a hindrance to my visibility, which has previously caused distraction or visibility issues when using other accessories. 

Turbo buttons are a great addition and are super intuitive and easy to customise to your personal preferences. Each colour defines the burst mode selected, with grey being the standard single press – single fire through the green, amber, and red customising from 3 to 6 and 9 burst fire modes.

F4 Falcon foldable design


The F4 Falcon worked seamlessly on both iOS and Android devices. For the testing, I used an iPhone 7 as well as a Huawei Mate 20 Pro and in both scenarios the controller work flawlessly. I also tried with and without my phone case, and am pleased to confirm that you don’t need to remove the case for the F4 Falcon to operate optimally, which is a great addition, as it can be frustrating having to remove the case each time you want to use it.

F4 Falcon extended view


I’ve been blown away by the F4 Falcon. From using it over the last week I felt at a distinct advantage when playing FPS games vs. my adversaries. The mobile controller was not intrusive to my gaming experience at all, due to its lean over-the-screen design and it’s set the benchmark of what mobile controllers should aim for now.

The F4 Falcon wholeheartedly deserves our Thumb Culture Platinum Award, as it’s a must-have for any Mobile FPS gamer.


Developer: GameSir
Release Date: Q1 2020
Platforms: Mobile iOS and Android

Disclaimer: We received an F4 Falcon to carry out this review

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