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A new interior design game has entered. Developed and published by Alex Blintsov and is available on Steam for between £10 – 15. Furnish Master has exceeded my expectations already, and I am excited to see how Alex Blinstov continues to improve an already amazing interior design game. Furnish Master is available on Tuesday 20th of February with it being released in early access.

Are you ready to get your furnish design on?

I came across Furnish Master completely by chance when scrolling through Steam for a new game. When I watched the trailer, I was instantly drawn. Having played the game, my excitement has not wavered.

Please let me know by leaving a comment below if you are excited to play Furnish Master. What are you most excited to try?

A screen shot of the world, whereby the player can choose what they would like to do next. There are multiple high rise buildings, with smaller houses and shops. Those that are playable are highlighted in a neon blue or yellow colour.
Which will you decide to do first?


Furnish Master is a single-player-only game. It focuses on creating a relaxing and calm environment, whereby the player can express their creativity. Full freedom is granted to the player in manipulating the furniture and decorations, ensuring that they are creating work that they enjoy.

A screen shot taken from the game whereby the players mouse is hovering over the 'purchase' option of a shop. The shop has a description of "Medium sized shop. Good to make a groceries store or a small caffe. The cost is seen below, this being 15,000 and 50 reputation stars.
Is this a good investment?

The game begins with a tutorial, highlighting how to use the controls, as well as the basic concept of the game. This was done through small tasks, which showcased each element of the game. This was the perfect introduction to understanding how the game functions. When the tutorial is completed, you are thrust into the world of Furnish Master, immediately beginning your work. There are plenty of places that players can buy to design, furnish and invest in, to create their portfolio. This includes apartments, houses, commercial estates and outdoor territory. With this comes a plethora of furniture and colour palettes. Meaning that players have a variety of choices to make.

What investments will you make?

Furnish Master is not all about just simply designing. There is also the introduction of challenges throughout the story mode. For example, this can be a financial challenge. This could be having a constraint on the amount of money the player can use. As the player, you also need to be financially savvy. Challenges need to be completed for money and reputation to be gained. There is the opportunity to use the money and reputation gained to build your portfolio. But you cannot do this without completing those challenges in the first place.

Challenges are not just presented by designing spaces, there are also puzzle-type challenges. This adds a twist to the conventional idea of what an interior design game is. These puzzles are not all the same. They are problem-solving puzzles, but they are different. For example, I had the pleasure of finding car parts, linking plumbing together and creating a domino train. This offered a completely different way for the player to gain money and reputation.

One of the many challenges in Furnisher Master. To the bottom left hand of the screen, text messages can be seen, whereby the challenge is explained to the player. In the middle of the screen, there is a room with pipes seen connected throughout. There is a number of pipes that are unconnected that need to be placed into the available places.
Do you enjoy puzzles?

However, if the challenges and story mode do not appeal to you, then, there is the sandbox mode, which can be chosen from the main screen. This allows the players to focus on the game’s interior design aspect, not the reputation or financial constraints.

Graphics & Audio

Overall, I did not run into many issues when playing Furnish Master. The game ran smoothly. I had no issues with frame rates or glitches that affected my thoughts on the game. I enjoyed the graphics of Furnish Master, I thought they fitted well with the feel of the game. When it comes to games such as this, I don’t enjoy the over-the-top realistic feel. I prefer the cartoonish style that we see with Furnish Master.

The one small issue I did experience was when I was loading the game for the first time. When I would load up the game from scratch, it would never open full screen. I am unsure if this is the game, or rather my computer. However, I have never experienced this with any other game. It’s not an issue per se. However, it became annoying when I was trying to just simply play the game. This is a very minor issue, in such a great game. I honestly could not find any other issues regarding the graphics or gameplay.


This picture shows "all tasks completed!" in the middle of the screen with a green tick hoovering above. In the background of the picture, you can see a bathroom that has been decorated by the player.
All tasks completed!

In terms of the audio, I am not often one to play games with audio on. I can never fully concentrate on a game, as I am constantly watching something at the same time. However, of course, I have for once turned the audio on to see what the music is like in the game. The best way I can describe the music is somewhat similar to elevator music. The type of music that is easy-going to listen to; to pass the time. It helps add to the feeling that the developer Alex Blinstov has spoken about. This being that this creates a relaxing atmosphere for the player.


Furnish Master is a game with endless possibilities. Of course, the story mode does have an ending, the introduction of the sandbox mode means that the fun does not end. In addition to this, the game is being released in early access. This was a decision made by the developer due to the fact he did not wish to delay the release of the game. What this means is that there is going to be plenty of new stuff implemented throughout the early access period.

Alex Blinstov has already suggested that there will be various improvements to the game. Including enhancing the story mode with more content and cutscenes. And of course a lot more new furniture and decorations. But he isn’t just focusing on the content. He also wants to improve controls, user interface and of course fix various bugs and issues within the game. This means that there will be constant support and new features, which will in turn increase how long you will play the game.

Final Thoughts

Overall, even though Furnish Master is in an early access state, it is an amazing game. I am a lover of all simulation and interior design games, and I can say that Furnish Master is at the top of my list in terms of favourites. I am excited to see the changes that Alex Blinstov will implement to further improve the game. It is with all this in mind that I will be awarding Furnish Master the Thumb Culture Platinum Award. Check out Furnish Master now!


Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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