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Alkemi announces their new story-driven card game, Foretales.

Foretales Coming to PC and Nintendo Switch This Summer

Indie developer Alkemi (Drifting LandsTranscripted) in partnership with Dear Villagers (The Forgotten CityEdge of Eternity) has revealed their upcoming story-driven card game, Foretales. With tabletop-inspired mechanics, Foretales is due for release summer of 2022 on both PC and Nintendo Switch. It is available to wishlist now on Steam.

Dive Into A Story-Rich, Atmospheric Card Game

Foretales Table
Play your cards right to influence the story.

Foretales takes place in a collapsing world doomed by a dark prophecy. Players assume the role of an avian small-time thief named Volepain among a cast of similar anthropomorphic characters. Players will also combine various cards with unique character skills. These will allow you to forge your way through a variety of situations and encounters. The game brings replayability in the form of different narrative branches and multiple solutions to singular problems. It also encourages experimentation with different card associations.

“We’re all big fans of tabletop gaming, so we wanted to bring its open-ended nature to life in a video game, where we could combine it with the advantages of that medium – such as music and voice acting. It’s a totally unique beast, combining narration and experimentation merged with deck mechanics. We really think it’s something new and we hope that players will enjoy this new blend of narration and gameplay.” – Alain Puget, founder of Alkemi

The atmosphere of Foretales is brought to life by an illustrative art style along the lines of classic 2D animation in combination with a soundtrack by legendary composer Christophe Héral (Beyond Good & EvilRayman Legends). The game features the vocal talents of Travis Willingham (Critical RoleLegends of Vox Machina).

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