Endgame Gear XSTRM RGB USB Microphone Review

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Endgame Gear is known widely in the gaming world for the XM1r Mouse. An ultra-light gaming mouse that has taken to the esports scene with ease due to what it can offer for its price point.

Bringing The STRM

Endgame Gear is now officially entering the standalone USB microphone market. Their latest release is the Endgame Gear XSTRM keep reading to find out just what it can offer. If you are also in the market for a mouse, make sure you check out my review of the Endgame Gear XM1r Mouse.


The Endgame Gear XSTRM comes in two colour ways, there is a sleek black and a fresh white. Aesthetics are everything to some gamers, so having two simple colourways ensures there is one colour that looks good for your setup. Whilst we are on the topic of colour there is also an RGB element to this microphone. The first is the top half of the microphone which has circular cut-outs that gradually get smaller as if they fade out. Secondly, there is a gain dial which also has an indicator column. Various colours can be selected through the click of a button on the microphone itself. There is no extra software required to control.

Angles and Dots

In terms of the mic chassis design, some will love and some will probably be unsure about it. It has a bold triangular-shaped body, it almost looks like a small piece of modern art. I personally love the angles and the shape, I have always had circular curvy microphones. The Endgame Gear XSTRM angles add something new to your setup.

Touch Sensitve Mute Button

In the box, you obviously have the Endgame Gear XSTRM USB Microphone with a desk stand. To assist with sound control there is a magnetic pop filter along with the USB C cable for connectivity. Not only this you also get an acoustic foam panel in the box, I originally thought it was just fancy packaging. You also get some double-sided tape strips so you can mount this on the wall. A nice little unexpected extra.


The Endgame Gear XSTRM is a cardioid microphone with a 20hz-20,000hz Frequency Response and a 192 kHz/24-bit studio-grade sampling rate. I tested this microphone side-by-side with another well-known microphone at a similar price point. The feedback, from those I spoke to, was that the XSTRM provides a much cleaner all-around sound. Whereas the other had slightly more bass levels, which muffled the voice slightly.

To the top of the microphone, there is a touch-sensitive mute button. I thought the sensor was been intermittent to start off with, however, it was a user error. I was just not putting enough pressure on the pad. When the microphone is muted it changes from your selected colour to a glowing red. To the rear of the microphone, there is a 3.5mm headphone jack and USB power.

Here comes the BOOM!

It comes with a built-in shock mount which is a little added bonus with a thread attached so it is easily mounted. Endgame Gear has also designed and produced an Endgame Gear XSTRM MICARM for the Endgame Gear XSTRM. Originally I was using my existing arm but the MICARM is an absolute must and complimentary to the microphone. The arm is a rubberised clamp based, with 360-degree rotation so can be moved to the desired location with ease. Available in two colours to match the microphone it has an extremely solid build. On the MICARM there are also two USB ports and included in the box are two shorter-length cables. These ensure you don’t have cables trailing along the desk – Cable management is key!


The Endgame Gear XSTRM is plug-and-play for both Windows and Mac OS X (or higher). When it comes to connecting to your machine it is solely USB. So, as long as you have one free on either of the above-mentioned machines then you are good to go straight out of the box.

MICARM Connectivity

Final Thoughts

Starting with the Endgame Gear XSTRM, The design I love and compliments a clean setup. It is comparable to some of the pricier USB microphones on the market but is less complex in terms of use. There is no clunky bloatware needed to download, as mentioned earlier it is just plug-and-play.

When it comes to the Endgame Gear XSTRM MICARM, the same can be said. The sleek design of the solid arm looks and feels premium with an only minimal wobble when moving in around. The added USB ports add ease of access even if it’s just an extra USB port that’s needed for something quick. And as mentioned before absolutely compliments the microphone. I award the Endgame Gear XSTRM/MICARM a Thumb Culture Platinum Award.

Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to write this review.

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