Edifier WH950NB Headphones Review

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Edifier has many headphones out on the market, and when we were asked to check out the WH950NB we couldn’t resist. Retailing at anywhere around £150 these are towards the upper end of the pricing scale, but do they justify their price point? Let’s find out

Noise Cancellation For Any Situation

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Edifier, in my opinion make some of the best looking headphones out there. With the WH950NB coming in either Black or Ivory, you won’t be disappointed with your choice of colour. With a foldable design, the headphones have a premium feel to them, with soft touch finishing and the leather texture of the earcaps. All these factors give you the premium appearance that most people want from a set of headphones.

It doesn’t end there though, designed with audio in mind, boasting some 40mm composite titanium film drivers that accurately present natural and balanced audio for whatever genre of music you listen to. I found that listening to my standard movie soundtrack gave me an incredible experience. Being able to determine the different tones from the multitude of instruments used was not only a joy to listen to, but also an impressive feat for the WH950NB.

edifier wh950nb in their folded position in front of a white background
Folded up for storage and transport

Weighing just 296g (ish) means that the WH950NB are light, there’s no other way to describe them. Wearing them for long periods was a dream, which is handy especially when the battery life gives you up to an impressive 55 hours of playback. Obviously if you turn on the Active Noise Cancellation this drops down to a very respectable 34 hours. Giving you plenty of playback time whatever method of listening you enjoy.

The ANC is also brilliant, with Ambient Sound as well as wind reduction you can ensure that you are listening to the best quality audio at any given time. Another element of noise cancelling is the four microphones to ensure that your voice calls are clear and unobstructed by environmental noise.


So we briefly mentioned some of the features above, the weight, the ANC, the drivers. One of the stand out features however is the Hi Resolution Audio playback. The headphones support both hi res and hi res wireless audio along with the LDAC certification. With studio grade sound, the WH950NB has a frequency response of up to 40kHz giving an incredibly wide range of detail and clarity whatever you are listening to.

side view of the wh950nb headphones on a white background
Even from the side they look incredible!

Another decent feature, that seems to be getting added to a lot of headphones is the dual device connection. Being able to quickly and easily flick between listening to music on your computer, to taking a phone call is seamless and works incredibly well. Using the WH950NB on work calls gave me no issues whatsoever and allowed me to have clear voice communications with everyone on the call.

Want to access more features of the headphones, then connect them to the Edifier Connect App and you can set a safe listening volume. Even a shutdown timer to allow you to listen to your favourite music at bedtime and the headphones will just switch themselves off. The app also allows you to customise your listening experience by tweaking the EQ. Giving you the freedom to listen to music, when you want, how you want.

Overall the Edifier WH950NB are an incredible set of headphones, even with the lofty price tag, it’s one you wouldn’t regret purchasing. With its high end features and look you will enjoy wearing these for those long listening periods as well as during the working day.

The Edifier WH950NB Headphones receive the Thumb Culture Platinum Award

Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to write this review.

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