Edifier G5000 Gaming Speakers Review

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Looking for some new speakers to sit either side of those luscious looking gaming monitors? Well you can’t go far wrong with the Edifier G5000 Gaming Speakers. With their sleek, modern looks and performance to match they would improve the audio, although reduce the desk space of the majority of setups.

The Edifier G5000 Sound As Good As They Look

Read on to find out a little bit more of these speakers, and whether or not they should be on your wishlist of upgrades


Straight away when you get the impressive box delivered, you will notice the weight of the Edifier G5000 Gaming Speakers. They are hefty, enough so, that they are going to take two hands to move them. The heft is quickly understood when you read just what they are constructed with. Each case is made up of 11 wooden boards, and each has aluminium side panels. Each cabinet is hand made as well and the level of details is easy to see once you start looking around.

Top controls of the G5000
The top panel and it’s controls

With two speakers on the front of each case and a base tube on the back, the Edifier G5000 Gaming Speakers give off all the right signals when it comes to the expected performance. Atop of the right hand speaker you have the controls. A single rocker switch controls the volume, and sitting either side is the Input Select and the Sound Mode. These all feel premium to use and you never feel that you might mis-press a button.

Then you have the RGB, I mean they wouldn’t be gaming speakers if they didn’t have a bit of colour here and there. With four light strips embedded into the body of the speakers and 11 lighting modes being available. There is a colour for any setup, or alternatively you can just switch them off completely, so that if you, like me, game in the dark you arent bothered by the bright RGB.


So you have these awesome looking new speakers, but they would be next to useless if they didn’t connect to your chosen device or devices. The Edifier G5000 Gaming Speakers have a multitude of connection options available to you. Bluetooth, Aux, USB, Optical and Coaxial inputs mean that whatever you are making use of, I am positive you will find a solution to any problem.

Connectivity of the G5000
All the connections!

During my testing, I connected my mobile phone via Bluetooth, which was a breeze, connected via USB to my PC and via Aux cable (3.5mm jack) to my monitor. Switching between inputs is as simple as pressing one of the top buttons. Once pressed you then get a nice announcement of which input you have switched too. It was a nice touch, but personally I would have rather it have been silent.

Next to the input select button you have the Sound Mode button, this allows you to quickly change the tuning of the acoustics to match whatever you have on screen. Gaming, Movies and Music are all selectable, and each option definitely changes the sound intricacies to give the most out of the speakers. Being able to fine tune each of those 88W of output power, just lifts these speakers to another level.


How does all the other positives about the Edifier G5000 Gaming Speakers equate to actual performance? Really well to be honest.

Now I am no audiophile, when I listen to music I look for clarity of sound. I want to hear each instrument or the emotion in the singers voice and with these speakers both those elements was perfect. Speaking to a couple of the other Thumb Culture team I was advised to check out a list of songs that gave you an indication as to how competent the acoustics were on your speakers.

So working through those audio tracks gave a great indication as to how powerful these speakers actually are. With the speakers achieving Hi Res standard certification, the audio chip can achieve 24bit or 192Khz acoustics. This in theory allows for a richer and more detailed experience when listening to music and even gaming. Edifier have done a great job with the G5000, the sound that came out of these blew my mind. They were fantastic at recreating all the lows and highs, but where they seemed to stand out for me, was when the mids came into play.

Hi-Res Certification on the G5000
Hi-Res did you say?

Most speakers can do lows pretty well, and they can recreate the highs successfully. It’s in the middle where things can get a bit muddy and the Edifier G5000 Gaming Speakers handled that so well. Giving crisp clarity to anything pushed through them, from games to music and especially when watching a movie through these.

Honestly, so many times these speakers blew me away. It was just unfortunate that the sheer size of them meant that these were not going to be a long term part of my setup.


The Edifier G5000 Gaming Speakers are a great example of what speakers can be capable of. My main gripe with them is the use of the word Gaming. I am not sure why these needed that and couldn’t have just been known as the G5000. Giving the word gaming gives me the impression that they are more focused on providing the audio experience for gamers as opposed to being balanced for music and movies also. However, after testing I found that this wasn’t the case, the mention of gaming purely relates to what I believe is the RGB element. I mean gamers love RGB right!?

If you can see past this little detail then what you are left with is an astounding set of speakers that can accurately and clearly output your audio and with it’s Hi-Res certification, that quality is way above smaller speakers. Don’t be fooled though, that comes at a premium, at a price of around £350 they are not a cheap upgrade. However, if you are looking at a new set of speakers, then you definitely wouldn’t be mistaken if you chose these.

The Edifier G5000 Gaming Speakers easily get the Thumb Culture Gold Award, missing out on the Platinum award for the size and being labelled as Gaming. Both of these may well put people off purchasing these for their setup.

Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to write this review.

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