DualSense Controller – Sony Reveals Two New Colour Options!

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News just in! Sony has just revealed two new colour options for their incredible DualSense Controller. We now have two more to choose from, named Cosmic Red and Midnight Black. Personally, I love the Midnight Black option, and I know fellow writer, Brian, loves the Cosmic Red option.

I would love to see a blue version, similar to the PlayStation 4 Dual Shock 4 “Wave Blue” colour option. That doesn’t matter though, I think the current offerings look absolutely beautiful. Great work Sony.




In my opinion, it’s great to see new hardware coming to the PlayStation 5 so soon. This makes me wonder if they may after all reveal an all-black PlayStation 5 console, or, different colour schemes on their other accessories such as the 3D Pulse headset or the official PS5 DualSense charger.

You can check out the new DualSense Controller colours on this page on the PlayStation website. However, I have not yet seen a release date for the controllers. So watch this space!

Check out the reveal trailer below. Will you be buying one? Which of the three colour options do you prefer? Let us know in the comments!

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