DLC – Dirty Lying Cheats, The Good The Bad

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Ok, just a quick rant about DLC and how it has shaped the way we buy games these days. First off, DLC actually stands for Downloadable Content, not the title above…but this is how people feel about the companies that bring out this DLC.

DLC can be both paid for, and also free, even though both come with their pros and cons, all I’m going to do in this article is give you a brief overview of them all and how they affect the way we play games.

So onto the first one FREE DLC!!! WOOO!! everyone loves something that is free right? Well, not when it comes at the expense of an incomplete game. For example, Rory McIlroys PGA Tour Golf by Electronic Arts, this was meant to be the game that brought back the PGA tour franchise, however, it got released with so small courses and players, even some of the big players at the time of release were missed from the game. However, EA appeased people by saying they will release more courses and players as free DLC throughout the year. I bought the game because I thought it was going to be great, the lack of courses definitely affected the longevity of the game.

DLC - Star Wars Battlefront
Outer Rim Was A Disappointment

So paid-for DLC, this can come as either a single pack or even as a Season Pass where you can pay for almost a yearly subscription which will give you all the DLC that they release in that time for free and usually a slightly cheaper cost than buying all the content individually. This is good when it expands the game, giving you more maps, game mods, weapons, vehicles, etc. A great example of that has been Project Cars and Driveclub, DLC adding more tracks and maps for you to hurtle yourself through is always a good thing. Then we have the bad side of this, and I can’t believe that I am bringing this game into the bad side…or Dark Side as you might say (snigger!) but Star Wars Battlefront. With no single-player campaign and majorly focusing on the online multiplayer aspect of the game, a season pass was announced which would bring more game modes, heroes and villains, vehicles, star cards, quite a lot really. However, most gamers were hoping for a campaign to be released, but nothing…then the heroes and villains that got released in the DLC pack Outer Rim were pathetic…Greedo….the guy was in A New Hope for all of 5 minutes and he got blasted straight out of the films…really…REALLY! Give me Chewie or even R2-D2 to play with. Not Greedo! I know that Chewie later came with the Death Star DLC but this was too late for a lot of fans of the game that I knew and had already stopped playing the game.

Ahem..back to the subject…DLC…now don’t get me wrong I love the stuff, but it seems to be that developers are more than willing to release a ‘light’ game with the aim of increasing content through DLC, and we as gamers have been doing it for years, and paying for it, both with our wallets and our emotions.

DLC - GTA Online
Someone doing it right.

One company that I have to give a special mention to is Rockstar! GTA V Online has to be the star of the show in regards to DLC…not charging anyone for their constant updates, with new cars, missions, houses, apartments, clothing, weapons, the list goes on. They have expanded the game in such a way that it is hardly recognisable from the buggy and glitchy mess when it was first released.

So in part, end of rant, but please game companies….think about what you are adding in DLC and if it should come underpaid or free.

Thanks for reading, what is your favourite and least favourite DLC? Comment below.


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