Club Soccer Director PRO 2020 – More Than A Mouthful?

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Go Play Games brings us the longwindedly titled Club Soccer Director PRO 2020. This is finally my chance to not be foiled by the directors in Football Manager as I am now the director. This should be a walk, or good kick about, in the park. Time to grab a quartered orange, deep heat spray and put my skills to the test. Hold on, I’m the director, scrub that, make it a large cigar and a sheepskin coat.

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Don’t mess, I think she works for the KGB in her spare time.


Well Club Soccer Director PRO 2020 starts like any good managerial type game, a good tutorial. Here are the staff, here are the players, you can do this, you can do that etc… I decided to start with the career mode, so I took on the role of directing the mighty Stevenage. As the director of the club it is your responsibility to bring in players, sell players, fire staff, hire staff, set the strategy for the team, and so on. This list is very familiar…..

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Look at those facilities. Easy as a Jackson Five song this.

So what’s good about Club Soccer Director PRO 2020? Well it seems to be aimed at the less proficient manager, I mean director. The layout is quite simplistic and easy to understand. There are not pages and pages of statistics on every player to worry about. Simply find a player with a higher number and he should be better. Upgrade players, upgrade the staff, upgrade the stadium and facilities. Play long enough and you should win, however if you want to improve quicker, you can buy coins with some real money. It won’t surprise anyone to know that this game is available as a mobile app. Keep the money rolling in and all will be good.


What’s not so good? Well, at no point during my playing of Club Soccer Director PRO 2020 did I feel like I was learning any of the players or their capabilities, and that sucks the fun out of it. I want to immerse myself in the experience, not just be a bystander. At  8 matches in and had 4 points to my name. It seems every team I face is simply full of talented players with good ratings and my team just plain suck. Even after a win they were deflated and uninspired. After every game I would be happy if I didn’t pick up more than 2 injuries, they were coming thick and fast. The names of the players are not clickable, I want to be able to go to a player’s profile quickly, but alas, not going to happen from most situations.

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I consider this a victory. Less than 50 shots is a disgrace.

When it gets to match day Club Soccer Director PRO 2020 sticks to tradition and you get an overview of the pitch and it cuts to the action when there is a shot. Some decision making is shocking, players one on one with the keeper shoot from outside the 18yd box? Really? The goalkeeper doesn’t seem to be able to go more than 4 yards from the goal, so no closing down the angles. It all just felt clunky.

The more I played, the less like a game it felt and the more like I was just going through the motions. Every week my tired team would meet a group of fresh faced talented opposition players and get smashed. New goal set, get out of relegation position. New goal failed. Firmly rooted with morale as low as my players and my coins it was time to just jack it all in and either start again or delete from my hard drive…….

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Awesome bunch of lads. Brave until the very end.

I decided to take a leaf out of the developer’s book and went to play games, in this case I took a football outside with my 2 boys and tried to remove the memory of ever having played Club Soccer Director PRO 2020. I think between the three of us we would have done better than Stevenage, and if not, we certainly would have had a lot more fun trying.

Club Soccer Director PRO 2020 is more clicking than caring. There is also a heavy weight on coins to achieve your targets. The good is that once you get fired you can get a new job.


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Oh yes, the goalkeeper will definitely get there.

Club Soccer Director PRO 2020 hasn’t pushed the boat out, but then, is there really a boat to push out? What can you really do with a football director game? There is a representation of the action on the field, there are pictures of the players and staff and you can navigate round the menus quite easily. I honestly like the simplicity of the layout, it’s not trying to be something it isn’t. Given the app nature of Club Soccer Director PRO 2020, the graphics are what I expected.


If you have ears, this is hell. Club Soccer Director PRO 2020 have decided to make the ultimate audio torture device. The worrying part is that someone wrote this? I wonder what the soundtracks that didn’t make it sound like? There are musicians all over the world doing lemming impressions at the sound of the music I have endured. Please let this never happen again. Massive sigh of relief to find out that the music didn’t continue for the whole game, just the initial choosing club and setting out your plans. On the plus side, the crowd makes a crowd noise, the emails come in with a ‘bing’, and the phone for a loan sounds are spot on.

League table
So close to reaching automatic play off position.


Club Soccer Director PRO 2020 has been made with as much passion as a sloth with erectile disfunction. Not a lot of thought has gone in to the gamers experience and it seems to be a platform for people who like to spend real money to buy in game money to make the game a more level playing field. Easily forgotten, and if you are reading this, assume that I have not played the game since writing these words.

Club Soccer Director PRO 2020 is a purgatory of a game, it doesn’t know where it’s going. I can help with that. BURN BURN BURN!!!!

I have decided that Club Soccer Director PRO 2020 is undeserving of an award as it barely classes as a game, but a way to pass time on your phone whilst waiting for your doctor’s appointment.


Disclaimer: we received a game code to carry out this preview.

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