Call of Duty World War 2 – Can it Save the Series

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Returning to World War Two, have the developers of the Call of Duty series done enough to save and return the series to its former glory or has too much been broken in terms of fan loyalty over the years that not even a return to the series glory days will be able to save it

Call of duty World War 2 Main character
The new main character?

With the recent success of Battlefield 1 which headed back in time to World War One and therefore taking a different approach on Call of Duty last year, which decided to venture even further into the future with even more futuristic and out-there technology, Activision look like they’ve decided to take a different path this year and return to the days of old with this year’s instalment of Call of Duty.

Battlefield 1 World War 1
Battlefield 1 returned us to World War 1

Call of Duty has totally lost its place with me and I know it’s lost its place with a lot of you as well. You only have to look at the negative reception last year’s call of duty trailer received on YouTube; I believe it was the worst video in terms of thumbs downs at one point at the end of last year. Unfortunately, Activision and Infinity Ward didn’t seem to notice or care, as they continued to release last year’s installment which I have not heard one single person say they enjoyed or actually even played.

Last year’s installment you may remember came bundled with Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered as well (as long as you shelled out the extra dollar!). Personally, I believe this was a fail-safe from the developers as it guaranteed the game would ship at least decent numbers, as judging by the trailer’s reaction on YouTube, it didn’t look like it would be a record-breaking year for the game in terms of sales.

Looking at poor sales numbers and the success of Battlefield 1 last year, Activision have finally realised that people aren’t interested in a futuristic Call of Duty and haven’t been for a number of years. The series totally lost it for me when people were jet packing above me and sliding from wall to wall, dodging everything I was shooting at them and from what I hear, that’s where it lost a lot of other people too.

Call of Duty was the golden child of the FPS series and actually had a very significant part in creating the online FPS genre we enjoy today. Why, oh why they thought people wanted futuristic weaponry and technology is beyond me, we were all VERY happy with the Modern Warfare series and the original Black Ops because that was what Call of Duty was to us. Call of Duty back in the day was a game with modern weaponry and technology which we could unlock, use and enjoy to our hearts content.

Call of Duty D Day
Will Call of duty World War 2 have a new D-Day mission?

This is what made Call of Duty the powerhouse that it was up until a few years ago when people started expressing quite severe discontent with the series and the direction it was headed. Why the developers didn’t listen years ago to the outcry which was being bounded about countless forums on a daily basis of how COD shouldn’t venture further into the future and should return to its golden days is anyone’s guess.

With the success of Battlefield 1, the severe negative reaction the last years trailer and the weak sales of last year’s game, the developers seem to have finally realised that maybe venturing further and further into the future is not what people want.

I am very glad they’ve decided to return to World War Two with the series and it’ll be good to have a new entry of the Call of Duty series looking back at the period of time in our history which has allowed the series to grow to what it is today, questionable design choices aside.

Is it too little to save the series though? Only time will tell…

Call of duty World War 2 Squad
Call of duty World War 2 Squad

Remember to leave a comment below telling me if you’re looking forward to seeing this year’s Call of Duty installment or if the last few years of worrying design choice has just turned you off completely of the series.

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