Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead Review – The Crossover We Never Knew We Needed.

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Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is a physics-based strategy game developed by Clockstone and published by Headup Games. It’s the third game in the instalment after the success of Bridge Constructor: Portal only this time it brings hoards of Walkers into the mix. It’s your task to lead a group of survivors to a new safe haven with the help of some familiar characters from the world of The Walking Dead against not only Walkers but hostile human communities.

Use the environment to your advantage by moving objects, explosives and baiting your opponents to deadly traps all while enjoying the ragdoll animations as they succumb to the forces of gravity. Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead released on the Xbox Series X. Xbox One. Playstation 4. Playstation 5. PC. Nintendo Switch. Google Play and the App Store.

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The amount of fun you can have with this is beyond belief. You can start out by taking a level seriously to just rewinding a level and adjusting what you’ve built to see how many different ways you can dispatch a group of Walkers as it’s the rag doll physics that stand out because you can send them flying from the side of the screen to the other. The complexity of a level can really get your head-scratching and by the time you finish this game you will feel like you have a degree in architectural engineering. It starts of with a nice a slow steady pace but as you go through the chapters it can get extremely hard and will really put your wits to the test.

Walkers are not the only enemy in Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead as there are also groups of human enemies that you will have to dispatch but helping you through it all are Daryl, Eugene and Michonne from The Walking Dead who each have their own special skill that you can use to help finish a level. Daryl has his trademark crossbow that you can use to shoot down moveable objects or explosives but be careful as he only has a short supply so you have to use his ammo accordingly. Eugene has a noise maker that he can throw to lure or distract enemies while you find safe passage to the end of the level and Michonne with her sword who will make mincemeat out of her opponents.

As mentioned before you have the ability to rewind a level so if you are unsure of a structure or bridge you have built you can play out the level and then as soon as you have seen where you went wrong you rewind to make the necessary adjustments and in my experience you will be using this feature more than often. As the levels progress, and they get harder it will turn more into the strategy genre rather than a simulation game especially as you come across human settlements.

Each of the characters from The Walking Dead are great because you can spend ages on a level just finding crazy ways to take down a hoard of Walkers. You can have Eugene use his noisemaker to lure Walkers into a near pit or off a cliff or make a bridge high across it just to see the Walkers fall from a great high and then revel in the rag doll physics. Have Michonne stealthily take out a hoard with her sword to make a level really easy as all you have to worry about is getting to the other side and you have Daryl and his trusty crossbow and motorcycle. He can just blow everything up with ease with is where the rag doll effects really shine.

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Graphics & Audio

Playing Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead on an Xbox One X and 4K TV didn’t enhance the experience from a graphics point of view as it can be played on anything from a high-end PC to a mobile phone and it will still look the same. I experienced no bugs or glitches or anything to hinder the gameplay. It has the usual Bridge Constructor look and feel. Almost like its straight out of a comic book. It is bright and colourful and the story segments are great to look at with cute character models.

Having not played a Bridge Constructor before playing this game I had never heard the music or sound effects, so I wasn’t sure what to expect but Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead has a blend of both the original game and the eerie sounds and themes from The Walking Dead. You can faintly hear The Walking Dead theme tune but it has its own little twist to it which is actually quite refreshing. From the sounds of the bridges being erected to all the explosions and mayhem you can cause it sounds great. They have the distinctive sounds of the Walkers down perfectly with the occasional Wilhelm scream thrown in there for good measure.


The main story is divided into 5 parts and can take anywhere from 8 hours to around 20 just from the sheer difficulty it gives you in the later stages as you think so much more towards progression. Even if you manage to complete the game you will no doubt give yourself another play through to try and beat each level within the material goal it sets you at the beginning of the level and there is the whole fun factor of just using the rag doll physics to their full extent and replaying levels to see how much carnage you can cause.

Final Thoughts

The Bridge Constructor games have always been a blast and Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead  is no exception. Its goes above and beyond to give you a really fun gaming experience. Writing this just cant give it any justice as it needs to be played to yourself to fully understand how amazing this game is. I think even if it wasn’t a crossover with The Walking Dead it would still be a great game but having the experience of playing beloved characters from the show in Daryl, Eugene and Michonne just really puts the cherry on top.

I award Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead the Thumb Culture Platinum Award because of how hilariously great it is.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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