AVICII Invector: Encore Edition VR Review

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If you love rhythm games on the Oculus Quest 2 then you are certainly in for a treat. AVICII Invector: Encore Edition has hit the shop and brings with it the amazing songs of the late AVICII aka Tim Bergling.

AVICII Invector: Encore Edition – Live The Rhythm!

I have been lucky enough to review the base game back in late 2019 on the PlayStation 4 so I was very excited to see how it has transferred to the Oculus Quest 2! Read my previous review here!

AVICII Invector: Encore Edition
Left, trigger, button, button.


The basics to AVICII Invector : Encore Edition are simple to learn; press the relevant controller buttons as your spaceship traverses them on the screen! Accompanied by the banging songs from AVICII himself. The Encore Edition also adds extra packs to bring the track total to 35. Each of the tracks is split down into worlds that you must conquer in order to proceed to the next. The difficulty can be adjusted to suit how manic or relaxing you would like your experience to be.

AVICII Invector: Encore Edition
The in-between sections can be quite trippy.

The port over to VR makes the game feel very familiar to me, but wow, when you begin playing your first track you quickly realise how much more immersion there is now.

I won’t lie, I had to sit down. Originally I had been standing and although you are not required to move around other than to look about I found myself off balance at times. This was caused mainly when the spaceship becomes movable in between each of the roadway sections. The camera continued to follow a set path however you would find yourself looking up or down at your ship in order to navigate successfully through the oncoming hoops of light.

As the track pounds in your ears and you correctly press the buttons and swipe left and right in time with the beat the speed of your spaceship increases. One moment you are hitting everything, the next you have a brain fart and lose your mojo for a few seconds causing dropped accuracy and score. It is so easily done!

AVICII Invector: Encore Edition
Once you have your groove on you are immersed.

I am one of those VR users that sadly does suffer from motion sickness on the odd occasion. However, I did find that when sitting down and playing AVICCI Invector: Encore Edition I could happily play for quite a while, driven by my want to achieve a high percentage score.

AVICII Invector: Encore Edition
Can you get an A grade?

Graphics & Audio

Being in VR, the game has really come into its own. As mentioned earlier, the immersion is what the VR adds, the rest of the game had always played nicely on the controller when I reviewed it on the PS4. The cutscenes for the story are flat projected rectangular videos in a black void. Which may have benefited from some sort of overhaul but it doesn’t detract from the experience.

The audio is courtesy of the amazing AVICII and certainly does not disappoint.

AVICII Invector: Encore Edition
Some songs are a lot harder than the others, even when on easy!


If you want to just play through then you can comfortably unlock all of the tracks in a few hours while on Easy mode, however. The real challenge is to then do it all again on the harder modes. Seeing how you rank is part of the replayability after all!

Final Thoughts

Bringing AVICII Invector to the Oculus Quest is a great move. Although it isn’t physical in any way when compared to other rhythm games such as Beat Sabre or Smash Drums. The immersive element of being able to move your head around while zipping through intergalactic landscapes is still pretty cool.

If you haven’t got this game already on console or PC then I would definitely recommend it as it is a fantastic addition to your Oculus library.

AVICII Invector: Encore Edition scores a shiny Platinum Thumb Culture award.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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