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The new pricing is now live for Antstream Arcade Unlimited Retro Gaming. At £39.99 for the year on all platforms. Giving players access to over 1000 retro games.

There’s More Than Unlimited Games

Plus there is a new Atari tournament of 3 games, one based on a Spielberg script (as this is retro gaming…it can’t be can it?). Asteroids. From 10-16 May you can join the fun and blast away some space rocks to get as many points as you can on the leaderboard. The catch? You only have one life to do it with. If you miss this chance you can wait until the next Asteroids tournament.

Busy Little Ants

In addition to the new price for Antstream Arcade Unlimited Retro Gaming and a new tournament, there is the latest episode of the Antstream Arcade Archive series. Taking a look at another specific game from the Antstream Arcade Retro vault, discussing its plot, gameplay, tips and more. This month, Antstream presents Irem’s R-Type, the famous shoot-‘em-up that blasted into arcades in 1987.

The second episode of “Gaming Talk with Antstream” is now LIVE! Join host Trista Bytes as she chats with some awesome guests in the gaming community. This episode has guest QuangDX – indie game developer and founder of Asobitech!

Also with Tik Tok and Discord, there are plenty of ways to get involved with the Antstream community.

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