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If you are lucky enough to have either an iPhone 12 or 13 then you will no doubt realise that you have the ability to stick your device to a special MagSafe charging device.  The idea is that you can utilise the tech with portable wireless batteries, docks as well as other accessories.

Anker MagGo – Snap. Hold & Go

Anker, who are certified by Apple have created a range of useful and stylish pieces of hardware to compliment your shiny iPhone. Let’s take a look at the MagGo range!

Anker 622 Magnetic Battery

Anker MagGo
Snap and go!

With no cables and an included stand. It is very easy to go about your day while charging your phone. The wireless battery snaps onto the back of the iPhone with ease and provides 5000mah of charging capacity. That is enough to charge a standard iPhone 12 fully almost twice or an iPhone 13 one and half times. Plenty for a very long day of heavy usage.

It has a discreet profile and enables the iPhone to be used without making you feel as if you are holding a brick on the back. The small size of the battery does not block the camera lenses therefore you do not need to worry about having an Anker battery forever in each shot you take.

When it comes to the attaching strength of the MagGo tech, you can be rest assured that it will not be falling off anytime soon. The magnet attaches with a force of 9 Newtons which is the equivalent strength of around 900g.

The back of the battery has a foldable cover that sits flat until you need to fold it out. A convenient stand is then formed which allows the iPhone to be stood upright. Perfect for social video calls or meetings. I did like how the whole iPhone is lifted from the ground. The stand is taking the weight and not just acting as an arm to lean the iPhone back on.

Anker MagGo
The prop is a nice feature.

Charging of the magnetic battery is carried out using the included USB-C to C cable. It appears that I may be changing the USB plug sockets around the house to type C soon!

Anker 623 Magnetic Wireless Charger

Anker MagGo
A very odd looking charger but I still find myself staring at it.

Wireless charging stations are fairly common, and of course convenient. Anker have taken the concept and once more ran with it to produce something a little more exciting than a flat charging pad.

This particular charging station is a 2 in 1 if you are fortunate enough to also own AirPods Pro or AirPods 2. While it’s design resembles a small can of fizz, (it is 40% smaller) you will find that the top section hinges up and allows for your iPhone to be magnetically attached. The top can be pivoted up to 60 degrees to give you control of the viewing angle while the iPhone can also be attached horizontally to make use of apps such as Netflix.

While the top is hinged open, the revealed base allows for the wireless charging of your iPods, making it a must-have item to own next to your bedside or on your desk.

With your iPhone perilously hanging from the flip-up magnetic charging lid there is no chance of the unit falling over. The design has allowed for a counter-weighted base as well as a non-slip bottom, ensuring that your prized possession stays where it should.

Anker MagGo
Charge your phone and your AirPods at the same time.

The magnetic wireless charger comes with an included 20W USB-C wall charger with a 1.5m cable.

Anker 610 Magnetic Phone Grip

Anker MagGo
It feels so much more secure with the ring attached.

The last thing you want to do with any phone is to accidentally drop it. Anker do not want it to happen either so have devised their own version of a MagSafe phone grip.

The simple device attaches to the rear of your iPhone and becomes a handy grip by allowing you to insert one of your digits into the circular finger grip. This allows for both stability and peace of mind. The ring also doubles up as a kickstand to prop the phone up on your table if you so desire.

Due to it’s circular design, the grip can be rotated to any position required through 360 degrees. I would add that it may be prudent not to go for the white version as it will show any dirt over time.

Anker MagGo
The ring also doubles as a prop.

It is certainly a handy device (forgive the pun) as there are many times that even the best cases become slippery. Don’t go testing out how much force you need to detach the grip from the iPhone however as although it holds on with an impressive 800g, you will find yourself launching your device across the room if you swing too hard!


If you are lucky enough to have the MagSafe tech built into your shiny new phone then the Anker range of MagGo products certainly complements when it comes to charging and functionality. I love how everything just clips directly to the back without the need for attachments and ultimately no wires! Gone are the days of fumbling around with a battery in your pocket and an annoying cable getting in the way! The design of the products are very distinct but from all of our testing, reliable, which when tethered to your expensive phone you need it to be!

The Anker MagGo range receives the Thumb Culture Platinum award!

Disclaimer: Product samples were received in order to write this review.

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