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XPG are a brand we are hearing more and more about when talking to other gamers. Over this past year, I have heard more about XPG and its growth within the gaming community than some of its competitors. I have recently been lucky enough to get my hands on the XPG SPECTRIX D45G 16GB RAM kit.

Rugged RAM With RGB

It was last year when I was first introduced and since then we have worked with ADATA multiple times. Their products and innovation within their lines along with their price points really puts them at the forefront. Join me as I take a look at the latest award-winning RAM kit they sent over.


I love great-looking components and  I am not overly bothered about the unicorn poop RGB either. However, what I do like is a sleek piece of kit that does offer RGB capabilities, for what I would consider a classy RGB build. The XPG SPECTRIX D45G has a full-length RGB strip with XPG branding on the lower end. The beauty of this kit is that the RGB can be controlled via the XPG RGB controller software, or your native motherboard applications (where compatible).

All that Rugged RAM

The team at XPG sent over the Blizzard White kit to take for a spin. The first thing that makes this perfect for my build, is that I have a white case. So, bringing in more white is obviously a win. However, the RGB within the case just glows off the casing of the sticks when installed. This really brings the build together in my opinion.

The Blues

The XPG SPECTRIX D45G kits are extremely durable and well-built. They feel extremely superior when putting them up against some of the other kits around this price point. They have what I would classify as a sleek yet rugged look and also come in a Black colourway for those looking for a darker build.


The XPG SPECTRIX D45G range is a DDR4 memory type, however, if you are looking for DDR5 XPG do currently have an amazing range available as well outside of this one. The RAM Sticks themselves are available in three sizes, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. So there is some room for an upgrade. The RAM Kit that I am currently looking at has a speed of 3600, however, it is available as a 4133 and a 4400 kit as well.

The great thing about the XPG SPECTRIX D45G RAM sticks is that they aren’t too bulky. At 133.35mm x 45.26mm x 8.2mm (LxWxH), they do not get in the way of any CPU cooling you have installed. At the same time, I wouldn’t class this as low profile either. Always do your research if you are unsure whether your RAM could potentially conflict with your cooling solution.

Sleek And Clean Black Edition

CAS latency is another thing that you should bear in mind when looking into RAM modules. The XPG SPECTRIX D45G kit that I am using has a CL rating of 18-22-22. One thing to note is that this can differ within the range. This particular set also has an operating voltage of 1.35v.

Final Thoughts

I never really knew exactly what I wanted when it came to my RAM kit. I was happy with what I already had, after all, it was a very solid kit. However, having had the chance to check out the XPG SPECTRIX D45G I currently could not be happier. I will be the first to admit that it is not the best RAM kit on the market, it isn’t even the best RAM kit that XPG produce. But, what this kit does give you (especially if you like an aesthetically pleasing kit) is design and specification for an extremely good price.

My Corsair kit is now long gone and has been replaced by the XPG SPECTRIX D45G. Its premium look and feel really lift my current build, also its performance has been improved. I award the XPG SPECTRIX D45G a Thumb Culture Platinum Award.

Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to write this review.

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