Videokid An 80’s Treat? Or An 80’s Throw Back?

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Videokid has been created by A Pixel Trip Studios and published by Chorus Worldwide. The 1980’s, an inspiring time to be alive. Some of the greatest movies were created, and some of the all time greats came to life on your home computer. It was also the golden age of the arcade. You would trek for miles with your pocket-money to play your favorite game. Ah the good old days get me all warm and fuzzy. Anyway I’m side tracking into memories, let’s find out more about Videokid.

Does The Main Character Look Familiar?


Videokid has the 80’s in its heart and soul. you can feel this from the very start. The gameplay is heavily taken from the arcade classic Paperboy. The story for Videokid is simple, you have a video delivery route and you’re running late to meet Jessica. Off you hurry to deliver those videotapes so you can meet up with Jessica.

Loving The Journey

The Journey is full of danger. Watch Out for open manholes, cars, bikes and pedestrians. These will instantly end your run and you won’t meet Jessica. You have one life to complete this task. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well you are wrong! You will die and you will die a lot. But don’t worry it’s not just you. I died a lot in this game but hey it still felt fun after dying 50-60 times.

A Homage To Pac-Man

Videokid oozes gameplay and replay value just like classics such as Pac-Man, Mario Bros, Outrun, Space Harrier and Defender. I could list more but this isn’t about them, or is it? The game humbles itself to the whole 80’s culture. Toys, games, movies the whole package. You will see many of your 80’s memories on your delivery route. Karate kid, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (Ninja Turtles to our US and Overseas readers), Back To The Future, Terminator, Nightmare On Elm Street and many many more. They all have their place here in Videokid. They are all brought back to life and it’s simply magical to see. Playing Through Videokid has a special place in my heart and probably will for most of our readers who remember this golden era.

Yay The Chipmunks Are Here


Videokid brings us to an important point and to many an argument. Do graphics matter? For me this is game dependent. Yes if you are playing the new battlefield graphics are very important. Playing Videokid…. I would curse the developers if they had made this game in any other way than this. With modern graphics this game would be terrible. As they are now. It’s perfect for the game style.

Ouch That Hurt


Videokid has the perfect soundtrack and the perfect audio. The tunes are catchy and feel right at home. The sfx and voice clips within the game are awesome, I love them.

Now You Too Can Be The Karate Kid


Videokid has my vote. Personally I think this game is awesome. I never completed Videokid but then again there were not many 80’s games in the arcade I did complete. They were designed to be fun to play and were not designed to be easy. This game for me gets everything right and I simply can’t fault it. Videokid gets a Thumb Culture Gold Award. The only reason I can’t give it higher is simply because it is aimed at gamers of a certain age and I think younger gamers just wouldn’t get it, or appreciate it in the same way I do.


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