Ultra Mega Xtra Party Challenge – Switch Review

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Developers BreakFirst S.A.S. and publishers Just For Games/Merge Games have brought a new party game to the Nintendo Switch. That game is non-other than Ultra Mega Xtra Party Challenge.

Party Up!

Personally, I have never played a party game on the Nintendo Switch. However, Back in the day when the Playstation 1 was the elite console, you could always catch me on Bishi Bashi Special with friends. It is safe to say I am looking forward to jumping into this one, from what I have heard it is also slightly bonkers.


I am unsure where to start this game is absolutely insane. Ultra Mega Xtra Party Challenge is a party game which reminds you of the madness you encountered when playing Bishi Bashi. From chopping down trees in pixelated games to dodging pies on stage as a mime. With roughly 100 mini-games there is something for everyone in this game that will make you laugh.

Just a cat with its loo roll!

This is the first party game that I have personally played on the Nintendo Switch and there is absolutely a fine line between timed games. I feel there is just enough time when a game loads for the player to understand what to do to complete the task at hand.

Once you pop!

There is a single-player campaign in Ultra Mega Xtra Party Challenge which left me speechless. You have been deemed the weakest person on earth and a bodybuilder from outer space comes down to bring out your inner fighter. By playing the games you work out various parts of your body to get super buff. Even though there is the single-player mode available, I still prefer this as a party title and not a solo game.

Graphics & Audio

Where to begin? Everything about this title screams (loudly might I add) of fun. There is no art style to the game, each mini-game brings different elements together. For example, washing the baby challenge, there is a real-life photo still being used with cartoon-Esque graphical assets around it. Each game turns into a bit of a fest for the eyes with the most unexpected thing happening when you move to a new game.

Watch out!

As a party title, Ultra Mega Xtra Party Challenge mainly relies on sound effects within the games. There are parts of the game which have backing tracks, which are upbeat and fast-paced to keep up the hype. However, in the mini-games, there are sound effects at play left, right and centre. The sound bank for this title must be huge and I imagine the audio teams had a blast creating it.


When it comes to party titles, they aren’t usually a game you load as a solo gamer. However, there is a campaign mode. There are three difficulties within the solo campaign mode as well, I would advise starting on easy and working your way up. If you start off on a setting that is too hard and you are new to the game you are most definitely setting yourself up to fail.

You just washed a baby!

This type of title is usually in the backlog waiting for the occasion you have friends over. Ultra Mega Xtra Party Challenge has unlimited playability. I can imagine at some point you will master the mini-games and if it was just you playing it would get slightly boring. However, get some friends over and the laughs will continue.

Final Thoughts

I am always a fan of couch co-op party titles such as Ultra Mega Xtra Party Challenge. They don’t always offer RPG-deep storylines, but they offer is something different. They offer a way of connecting with friends and family and bringing people together. Ultra Mega Xtra Party Challenge may not be the best party title I have personally played but I enjoyed my time in the game. Not to mention I am looking forward to having the family round over the holiday period for some gaming shenanigans.

I award Ultra Mega Xtra Party Challenge A Thumb Culture Bronze Award.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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