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It’s time to sign up to the wackiest campus around with Two Point Campus. The latest title from British developers Two Point Studios and published by Sega. Following on from the extremely popular Two Point Hospital the silliness is turned up another notch. Two Point Hospital was the spiritual successor to the late 90’s smash hit Theme Hospital.

Two Point Campus releases on Steam, Playstation 4/5, Xbox Series S/X and Nintendo Switch on the 9th of August. Physical and Digital editions of the game are available for console gamers on the same date.

Who Knew Uni Could Be This Much Fun

A vast range of activities to improve happiness on campus


Build and manage a prestigious university in Two Point Campus. In addition to building classrooms, lecture halls, and libraries, the player must also organise cultural events and extracurricular activities. Additionally, the player must hire staff, such as lecturers, teaching assistants, and janitors. Besides maintaining the operation of the campus, the player must also ensure the well-being of the students. The following day, a student may not be able to attend classes if they enjoy their nightlife too much.

Two Point Campus is located in Two Point County. In fact, you may recognise some folks from your time in the county Hospital.

You will need money as these students know what they need to maximise their learning. Vending Machines, Posters, and new computers are among the more ‘normal’ items. What Two Point Studios have done is blend everything together nicely, you can see that an interaction with a student has an immediate effect on their grades and happiness.


While managing the campus, you will see friendships blossom, and relationships form all whilst collecting student fees. It is worth noting that the relationships formed are very inclusive. Two Point Studios handles relationships like we should inspire to in life, it just gets on with it. Unless you take the time to look deeper into students it is not something you may not even notice… at least not to start with! Everything is handled perfectly and the diversity of campus life is celebrated.

Icons above students show their needs and learning progress

Every campus location comes with its own set of expectations and challenges, which keeps the game feeling fresh. It’s not a Two Point game if it wasn’t packed with humour. The campus announcement system is wonderful: “Students are reminded to use the toilets.”.

Graphics & Audio

The small details that make up the game are brilliant. Character expressions, the variety of different types of students from Goths to Clowns and everything in between. This is where Two Point Studios have created something magical. You get to witness everything from the student’s first day to their graduation, it’s difficult not to feel invested.

The randomly generated students are amazing, you can see their individual personalities and how they react to the world. The one issue I had with the game is that at one point I wasn’t able to add a teacher to a class… I am not sure if that was a rogue teacher, or if the students were a particularly rowdy lot. It only happened once but is certainly one to look out for.

It is hard to move past the lady who runs the college announcements, the perfect blend of the 80s feel soundtrack to an announcement about campus hygiene is hilarious.


Expect 40+ hours of gameplay, especially if you are aiming for 3 stars on all of the challenges. There is a sandbox mode that is accessible after unlocking a specific star.

The Award Ceremony

Final Thoughts

Two Point Campus has taken the world of its predecessor and built upon it, creating the best example of a management simulation. Two Point Campus is available on PC (Steam), Xbox One / Series S/X and Playstation 4/5.

Laughter, energy, and chaos combine to make for a great time in the game. Finally, enrolment in this masterclass is strongly advised. As a result, Two Point Campus has been granted the Thumb Culture Platinum Award.


Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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