ThunderX3 TC5 Gaming Chair Review

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Take yourself back, it’s the start of lockdown and pretty much everyone has been told to work from home. Most, including myself, grabbed themselves the first available desk chair from the office and went on their way. Now nearly 3 years later those chairs, after many hours of holding you up, have worn away. Well thankfully our friends over at Overclockers have got you covered with the ThunderX3 series of gaming chairs. I was lucky enough to be sent the ThunderX3 TC5 Gaming Chair, so let’s get it out of the box, built and tell you all about it.

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Thunder, Thunder, Thunder……X3 TC5

It doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as the TV show, but you would be sat in comfort watching it!

Now fully built let’s get into all the details about the ThunderX3 TC5 chair.

TC5 Chair
Black, black and more black


With a choice of “All White”, “Ember Red” and “All Black” colourways to choose from you have something that will hopefully match your set-up and room. I went for the “All Black” edition, as I’m all for the understated look.

The seat covering is a synthetic leather material and covers the chair top to bottom, the only accents being the stitched white ThunderX3 logos, and 2 reflective silver stripes.

ThunderX3 headrest
Comfy additional headrest

As with most gaming chairs at this price point you also get an additional headrest and lumber rest, in the same colourway, should you wish to add them to the chair.

Additional little design features are the carbon effect design on the arms, and the ThunderX3 logo embossed into each of the casters and armrests.

Carbon effect chair arms
Carbon effect arms – bit wobbly though

Infinite Adjustability

If you are going to be gaming for long periods, you are going to want to adjust your position to keep comfortable. Well thankfully the ThunderX3 TC5 has got you covered with a full 90-180 degree backrest, a 100mm hydraulic gas lift, an ergonomically curved backrest, lumber adjustment and 3-way adjusting armrests (up/down, forward/back, angle in/out).

To add to that comfort the seat pad is made up of a mix of latex and high-density foam, ensuring you are in comfort for days on end. Thunder have also developed “AirTech”, which is said to keep the material breathable and increase the air circulation. I haven’t noticed any difference myself, but maybe for gamers who run hot this might solve your problems.

If you are on the larger size Thunder have also got you covered with the ThunderX3 TC5 Max this gives you an extra 2cm height, 6cm seat width. This enables the supported weight to be increased from 125kg to a whopping 150kg!

Now I’ve had this chair for around a month now and not been uncomfortable once whilst sat in it. I am comparing it to an old office chair where the seat pad had worn away, but still when you are investing a chunk of cash on a chair it is good to know it lives up to the price. The only issue I have is with the 3-direction armrests. Whilst I love the adjustability of them, they are very wobbly when you are not leaning on them, as you can see in the video below:

Final Thoughts

There’s only so much you can write about a chair. But the ThunderX3 TC5 does exactly what it says on the tin, provide a comfortable perch for those all day gaming sessions. Hell it’s even great as a work chair, especially during those overly long Teams meetings!

However, because of the wobbly arms, I can only award the ThunderX3 TC5Thumb Culture Gold Award!

Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to write this review.

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