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Verbatim is a brand many of us will know from bygone days. They were the brand to go to when you needed to pick up a pack of floppy disks, later on when you needed some CD-Rs or if you were feeling fancy some CD-RWs. As a company, they now have an extensive offering from media and storage to gaming peripherals via their Surefire range.

A Big Name Bringing More To Their Game

To build on top of its already growing range, Verbatim has recently announced a new line of products. If you haven’t already seen our news announcement, it is a range of webcams for anyone from homeworkers to professional content creators.

The Range

There are three webcams in total that form part of this release. Each one of them brings something different to the table. In theory something for everyone’s requirements. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at each webcam to see what each one in the range can offer.

Boxed Range

Verbatim AWC‑01 Full HD 1080p

Despite the AWC-01 being the lowest-spec webcam in the range it still has a lot to offer. With a Full HD 1080p resolution and the ability to provide 2K at 30FPS, the AWC-01 can provide great quality imagery. All the cameras in this range have autofocus with auto white balance. When testing the video quality was smooth with no issues or tearing. I amended the video settings as the white balance overexposed slightly. However, after a couple of tweaks even in low light, the AWC-01 performed really well.

AWC‑01 Full HD 1080p

It also has an integrated omnidirectional microphone which delivers crisp audio. On multiple tests even with background noise, it picked up my voice clearly. It comes with a detachable privacy lens cover and with a USB connection, it is plug-and-play. As with most webcams, it has an adjustable anti-slip clamp.

Verbatim AWC‑02 Full HD 1080p

At the mid-range, we have the AWC-02 donning the same resolution and functionality as the AWC-01. However, the biggest noticeable difference is the design and build. The AWC-02 has a touch ring light built-in, with 3 different modes – Warm, Medium and Light. Although it isn’t the brightest light it does illuminate you and gives you more of a glow depending on the mode you choose. Even in a well-lit room, this inbuilt light can assist in taking the blue tones down for example.

AWC‑02 Full HD 1080p

As with the AWC-01, it has an inbuilt microphone and a privacy lens cover, albeit a slightly different design. The AWC-02 has more movement on the clamp as its 360° rotatable. Meaning you can place this webcam anywhere on your setup to get the perfect angle required for recording content.

Verbatim AWC‑03 Ultra HD 4K

At the higher end of the series we have the AWC-03, however, this is where Verbatim has stepped up its game. The AWC-03 has a 4K UHD resolution with a 120° viewing angle. As with the others in the series, the AWC-03 also has Autofocus and white balance which works extremely well on this webcam. I tested moving objects at speed and at different depths from the webcam and it managed to keep them in focus.

AWC‑03 Ultra HD 4K

When it comes to audio the AWC-03 has a dual-integrated omnidirectional microphone. Testing this whilst working was an ideal scenario, with multiple people talking and background noise. Asking for feedback I was told my voice audio was crystal clear compared to others. As this is the ultimate content creator webcam it also has integrated LED lights to let you know when the camera is on and when it is recording. As with the others, the AWC-03 also has an adjustable stand, however as well as being rotatable it can also vertically incline.

Final Thoughts

On occasion when a large company veers from what they specialise in can sometimes mean that the new products can sometimes be sub-par. However, I was pleasantly surprised with both the quality and the specifications that all three of the AWC webcam series bring.

Verbatim might not be the first brand that comes to mind when discussing webcams for content creation, but when the word gets out about what these webcams are capable of this will change. Each one brings something a little extra depending on how far your budget can stretch.

Having tested all three of the webcams through OBS and putting them through their trials. Adjusting various settings to push them all to their limits. For me, the Verbatim AWC‑02 comes out on top despite it not being the most expensive. Personally, I prefer a webcam that doesn’t have a wide viewing angle and I love the design with the light on the body of the webcam. For me, it offers me everything that I need and like in a webcam. Verbatim has clearly put some thought into this range and the demographic for each one and can see these landing really well. If you end up picking one up or checking them out, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Disclaimer: Review samples were received in order to write this review.

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