The Walking Zombie 2 – PS5 Review

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Halloween is upon us and it’s that time of year to check out some games to fit the spooky season. The Walking Zombie 2, a first person shooter/survival RPG from Alda Games, seems apt for the occasion.

Shoot, Slay, Survive – The Walking Zombie 2

The Czech based studio have a love for mobile games, having released a number of titles on the platform since 2014.

Played here on PS5 the game is also available on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PC, Android and iPhone.


You play as The Chosen One, you are tasked with helping fight against the undead and saving the world. Whilst trying to uncover the truth behind your origin, you take on jobs for the people you meet. On successful completion  you bag yourself some handsome rewards. Some quests are level gated so you must boost your skills with the rewards you gain in order to complete all the tasks.

Controls have a nice familiar feel and its a very easy to pickup and play for anyone who has played any recent FPS game. The gunplay is tight and feels really responsive.

go for headshots

Headshots do 3x the damage of the rest of the body – so aim for the head. Switching between weapons is snappy and the option to have aim assist opens the game up to a broader audience. Some quests include timing/precision based mini games like picking locks and hacking computer terminals. A nice change of pace to blasting and bashing zombies.

Don’t be in too much of a rush though, as replenishing supplies and ammo in between jobs is crucial. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Visiting the local trader between tasks is recommended not only to make purchases, but to sell off some loot to earn some extra cash. Offloading some of your inventory also frees up some inventory slots for swag.

get kitted out

An issue I found was that NPC’s would send you on quests to the same place multiple times in a row. Some variety here would be better.

Graphics & Audio

The game features a modern polygonal art style. It has that hand drawn feel and the little details like splashes of blood, coffee cup stains and burn marks on the likes of the world map are really nice touches. Attention to detail not always seen in an indie title.

The weapon reload animations are just excellent – Chefs kiss!

reload! RELOAD!

On a negative point the UI doesn’t feel intuitive or natural to operate. It takes some getting use to and is probably a result of this being a port of a mobile game. Also the “Pay to Win” is quite in your face – again probably a remnant of this games mobile origins.

The sound throughout is great. The different weapons have unique sounds, atmospheric score sets the mood, while heavy metal music heightens the feel of being a bad ass zombie slayer with a chainsaw. The team really nailed it here.


If The Walking Zombie 2 can get its hooks into you then there’s some decent lasting power here. As you progress enemies become more powerful and environments more punishing. The story holds over 100 crucial decisions for you to make across.

There’s also 100 skill levels to advance through and an arsenal of weapons and gear to get your bloodied hands on. Plenty to keep budding zombie slayers busy.

love the little details

The game has 33 trophies to strive for – 19 Bronze, 7 Silver, 6 Gold and a Platinum. To snag that platinum there is going to be some serious dedication with one trophy requiring you to kill 100,000 zombies.

Final Thoughts

While this wouldn’t be my type of game, I can see how it can become very addictive. The art is great, there’s a story to keep you engaged and the First Person Shooting is brilliantly executed. It sounds, looks and feels great to play. It’s good fun.

Clearly the team at Alda Games have some real talent and I would love to see them tackle a more traditional, bigger budget FPS. They certainly have the ability and skills to do so.

I’m delighted to award The Walking Zombie 2 the Thumb Culture Silver Award.


Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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