The Shrimp Keyboard Review

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Looking for a space-saving solution for those smaller desks? Or even looking for a perfect gaming laptop travel companion? Well look no further than The Shrimp! This small 25 key powerhouse brings all that you love on a gaming keyboard, but in a much smaller form factor.

Shrimp By Any Other Name

Do you have any experience with a small keypad? Let us know in the comments, but for now, strap in while we take a look around The Shrimp!


Opening up the amazingly designed box you are instantly greeted with the keypad itself. We were supplied a sample with the colourful stickerbomb design and wow, this thing pops! Also included in the box is a nice carry case and the USB cable required to connect to your device.

The colourful yellow box showing The Shrimp keyboard
The box is awesome!

There is nothing ‘extra’ about The Shrimp, instead, it has been developed seemingly to fit in any setup, anywhere. With 25 full-sized keys that replicate the area of a keyboard that would normally be used when gaming, in particular the WASD area. So each of the 25 keys have oversized lettering that has RGB illumination behind it. Every key is silent enough to not be heard over your microphone, but also with enough of a bite to let you know it has been pressed. This brings us to the 2 twistable knobs at the top of the keyboard. One controls the volume and one controls the RGB effects on the keyboard.

Included inside The Shrimp‘s box you also have a nice wrist rest. Move this close to the bottom of the keyboard and SNAP, it fits together with nice strong magnets. Not too strong where it’s a struggle to pull it apart, but you can quite easily move the keyboard around your desk and the wrist rest will be sure to follow!

The Shrimp unboxed and being help up in the air showing off the colourful keys on the keyboard.
All the colours!

There is no standalone software that is required with The Shrimp, this for all intents and purposes is a keyboard, it’s not a futuristic space design, or even trying to emulate a controller. It’s purely a keyboard. This is what makes it so user-friendly, all you have to do is plug it in and away you go. As mentioned right at the beginning, this is a perfect travel companion for those with a gaming laptop that prefer to use a separate keyboard. Instead of packing in your full-size keyboard, The Shrimp can be packed into its own travel bag that is no bigger than a notepad. Allowing you to game on the go and with all the accuracy of a gaming keyboard.


With The Shrimp not needing any specific software to be able to use its full suite of functions, it is practically compatible with any desktop PC or gaming laptop. Not to mention that you can use this on the PS4 or PS5 when plugged into the console as well.

This gives this little powerhouse an advantage over other peripherals of similar build. Not having a specific piece of software to run in order to remember which keys are bound where is fantastic. Just being able to plug and play is something that is sorely missing from a lot of gaming peripherals out there.


So would we recommend that you looked at buying The Shrimp? Well for the price it is an amazing investment. If you play a lot of FPS games, or just want to have something smaller than your main keyboard in front of you when gaming, then The Shrimp would be perfect for you!

The Shrimp gets the Thumb Culture Gold Award

Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to write this review.

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