Tetris Effect Review – An Instant Classic Or A Cheap Cash In?

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Tetris Effect is published by Enhance Games and developed by Resonair and Monstars, and is available for the PlayStation 4 and PSVR.

Loving the stage setting


Tetris Effect is finally out and while I’m not a massive puzzle gamer, it’s Tetris!! It would be rude not to check it out. Firstly Tetris Effect runs 4k and 60fps on the PlayStation 4 Pro which looks amazing. Also the game has PSVR support where the game becomes really immersive.

When you begin your “journey” with Tetris Effect there are tutorial tip pages offered to you, don’t skip these as much as you want to as there are some new features in Tetris Effect.

So Tranquil

The game awards you extra points for clearing lines using a T-Spin. There is also a new move within Tetris Effect which is the “Zone Mode”. Fill your zone gauge and unleash your “Zone Mode”. Here time stands still and you can clear as many lines as possible before the zone timer depletes.

It’s perhaps important to take note that in “Zone Mode”, any lines cleared here DO NOT count towards your line target to clear each level, it’s simply to increase your score. If you want a SS rating you will need to utilize this mode effectively. Another handy feature in Tetris Effect is the ability to store a Tetromino for later use when you need it, although you can only store one Tetromino at a time.

Feeling at one with myself

There is a second game mode is called “Effect Mode”. This mode is more challenging, it comprises of challenges to complete, as well as varied game styles not available in “Journey Mode”. Also you get to check out the high score table to see how you fare against the rest of the world and more importantly your friends (he he he)


Tetris Effect is amazing graphically. I mean sure if you just focus on the grid it’s nothing too special. Lets face it, I don’t think there is any more you can possibly do to the grid. Everything that happens around the grid is what makes it special and memorable. Add in the PSVR and the game sucks you into the Tetris world and you will never want to leave.

Even in space I feel at peace


Tetris Effect can’t seem to make a wrong move here. From the cute little sound effects when you rotate or drop your Tetromino. Right through to the Soundtrack. I mean WOW…… The soundtrack is AWESOME I can’t think of a better way to describe it to you. Every tune sounds like a piece of heaven.

PSVR feels out of this world


As I stated in the title of my article, I wanted to find out if Tetris Effect is an instant classic or a cheap cash in. All of you I’m sure can guess my conclusion for this question. In-case you can’t guess, this game IS an instant classic and might possibly be the best version of Tetris available. Again the award for Tetris Effect is very clear here and a rare award from myself as I am very critical regarding the quality of games and hate to see gamers, parents and kids get ripped off with there hard-earned money.


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