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Are you missing the original FIFA Street game? Then this could be the game for you!

Street Power Football is a new game from producers’ Maximum games and developed by SFL Interactive and Gamajun. Street Power Football is currently available on PC, PlayStation, XBOX and last but not least the Nintendo Switch.


Street Power Football plays smoothly giving you control of skill moves you need to use to get past your opponent.

It really lets you play how you want to play. There are multiple game modes that you can play, all the modes you can access through the story or even if you want to just hop on for a few games.

You have the Become A King mode, which the campaign of Street Power Football, started from the bottom and worked my way up to conquer the world.

Panna Cage Battles game mode is where you’re in a small circle pitch and have goals either side of the circle, the aim of this game is to not only score goals but to slide the ball through your opponent’s legs for an extra point.

Freestyle mode is super fun getting as many skills in before the time is up.

Street Power Match is the standard game mode where you can play in 2v2, 3v3, solo’s or against a friend, you have five minutes to score five goals, first to five goals wins, you also can get consumables and power-ups during these games. These massively helped me win games.

Elimination mode, I started in a 1v1 battle with two players on each bench, as soon as you score another opponent comes in from off the bench, once the opposing team has no players left you win the game, prepare yourself for a really fast-paced match.

With the Trickshot game mode you have multiple different obstacles to get through whether its knocking bottles off the roof of a building or trying to chip the ball into a big bucket, you have a bit of variety of what obstacles you need to knock over.

There is an online mode where you can team up with friends or battle it out to see who the best is, unfortunately, I couldn’t find an online game at the time.

You have different characters you can choose from, the main character being Sean Garnier the French freestyle footballer, as well as being able to have multiple characters to choose from you also have a whole load of customisation so you can choose what they’re wearing so you look even cooler when you win the game!

One thing that really impressed me was the FIFA Street vibe it had to it, even bringing in their own take on the gamebreaker by giving you the power-up shot once you have gained enough momentum.


Street Power Football’s graphics are decent with the arcade like style.

I played on the PS4 at 1080p and it looked awesome and suffered no frame rate issues.

There are multiple characters to choose from and also a massive amount of customisation.

Minor graphics bug but nothing to do with gameplay, Sean Garnier pops up to give you the next challenge and green screen glitches around him.


The audio really suited Street Power Football with the chilled samba music when doing the Trickshot game mode. When you load up into the main game you get hit with the 90s dance tunes which adds a party vibe.

Special effects are pretty awesome, when you go up for your power-up shot really making you feel like you’re going to break the net.


The longevity of Street Power Football is typical of a football game. You can play as much as you want and always go back. Once you complete the Become A King campaign you can chill doing the Trickshot mode, Panna Cage Battles or even online against your buddies.

More than enough game modes for you to play, that was one thing that really impressed me, I loved loading it up and debating on what game mode I wanted to play.


Overall I think Street Power Football is great, made me feel like a kid again loading up FIFA Street was such an amazing feeling. Game modes were brilliant, other than the slight problem with button delay it felt fun and enjoyable to play. I definitely would hop on there again to mess around in the trickshot and freestyle mode now.

I am giving Street Power Football the Silver Thumb Culture Award.

Developer: SFL Interactive, Gamajun
Publisher: Maximum Games
Release Date: 25/08/2020
Platforms: PS4, Xbox, PC and Switch


Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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