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Streamplify is a well-known name in the streaming hardware industry providing budding streamers with an array of affordable and accessible hardware to improve the quality of their streams ten-fold. Their hardware ranges from high-spec webcams, lights, mounts, and microphones to name a few. We had the chance to put some of their gear through a series of tests, and revisit a few we have previously checked out.

Hard time growing as a streamer? Streamplify it!

We want to hear from all of the streamers out there like myself. What’s your setup? Do you think you could benefit from any of these pieces of hardware? 


The Webcam we tested is the only one on offer via their website. It’s a cylinder webcam and the matte thick casing of it also doubles as an anti-spy cover. This is easily adjusted and easy to see which way to slide due to the ridged end to the left of it. The mount that is attached is very sturdy and adjustable, clipping onto almost any thickness of monitor. I found it just as easy to swivel the camera to an angle best suited for my streaming setup. The camera does not take up too much space and isn’t that bulky due to its long-cylinder style.

A webcam held in front of a blurred colourful background
A convenient and powerful webcam solution in a small package

Streamplify‘s microphone again felt very sturdy with its metallic black metal finish. The mic boasted an exclusive button to customise a light strip that lit up the mid part of the microphone ranging from RGB or a few colours from the spectrum. For instance, I opted for blue as it’s my favourite colour. An adjustable button felt just as sturdy allowing you to adjust the volume and mute easily. The power port is located at the bottom of the mic allowing it to not be too obtrusive. The overall look of the mic was pleasing to the eye and didn’t appear too busy with the makers focusing on looks over function. The mic came with a pop filter and a useful desk tripod. All of these, the mic, the filter, and the tripod, when put together looked fantastic and are a great addition to a streamer’s setup.

The Mount Arm, is a functional and sturdy arm that locks onto your desk or surface. The vice clamp meant it was sturdy and hardly moved. This arm can be changed using additional items included within the pack. These ranged from wire holders to cold-shoe mounts to allow the inclusion of lights, phones, or cameras. The white matte finish to the arm meant I could grip it well to adjust if needed. To adjust you are given Allen keys to tighten and loosen the joints as needed. I used adjusted mine to sit behind my monitor reaching over with the microphone.

A microphone held in front of a colourful blurred background
Stylish and functional. A great bit of gear!

Streamplify‘s light, designed to shine a soft ambient light is an impressive 14 inches (roughly the circumference of a desk fan). This too came with a desk vice mount meaning a sturdy feel to the adjustment of the light. The light had a thick matt plastic feel to the casing which meant for a good grip but also was nice to look at.


Most items came with USB4 leads and didn’t have use for mains power meaning it was just a case of plugging into the PC and it being ready. The Glow Light 14, came with a lead to plug into the mains. All were fairly easy to set up and were ready to go in no time.


The Streamplify Webcam just so happens to have impressive specs. You can expect HD quality with an impressive full HD 1080p resolution. This came across clearly on screen and held up when compared to a well-known brand with the same specifications. The cam also has that well-sought after 60fps (frames per second) meaning less motion blur when moving on cam. The settings allowed for maximum customisation of the usual settings plus throwing in a few more like roll, tilt, and pan. I put the camera to the test over a couple of streams and I found it to be a high-spec camera on par with far priceier cams.

A mount held in front of a colourful yet blurred background
Stylish and sturdy. A must for every setup

I put the Microphone through normal usage through a few streams and found it to be an excellent addition to any setup. Listening back to the recording I carried out the voice came through crisp and clear with no other audio artifacts. The mic has two modes “full playback” and “one-way playback gaming mode” which ensures the mic is adaptable to anything you need the microphone for.

As with the other items I put the Mount through a series of positions and arrangements throughout a few streams. I was impressed with the sturdy feel of it all. The Allen key included meant you could tighten and loosen the joints to suit. The vice grip at the base meant it was fastened onto my desk and took a bit to be moved if knocked. I used the mount to fasten the mic to the end which enabled it to over a monitor. Due to lack of space a mount such as this is a lifesaver. I hadn’t attached anything else to it but felt peace of mind knowing that if I did the mount could bare the weight. The cable tidy attachments that I did attach however meant it was not messy and cluttered.

A light in the foreground with blurred colourful background
Affordable but quality gear? A bright idea

I was equally impressed with the Glow Light 14. However, This piece of hardware was also easily fastened onto your setup desk. It had a range of rotation and movement meaning whatever angle you needed a soft light, it could provide. I was also surprised to discover it came in a range of colour temperatures and intensities all controllable by a remote. I found the brightness of the light too bright even on its lowest setting for a light attached to the setup desk. This can be easily rectified by turning it away so the light bounces off a wall or having it situated further away. 

Final Thoughts

You can tell that Streamplify‘s goal is to make great quality streaming easier to reach using their affordable yet well-manufactured and high-spec hardware. I was impressed by the quality of each item with each feeling well-made, sturdy, and tough. When put to use each time excelled sometimes being equal to high-end hardware while being extremely affordable. I am seriously considering swapping out some pieces of my setup for Streamplify’s hardware as I found them that good. Each item has a handy setup guide via their website which I followed and found very useful. Overall, you would be hard-pressed to find this level of quality and specs for the same low price elsewhere. In conclusion, I’ll be recommending their line of hardware to others I know that stream. 

I award the Streamplify Review Kit a Thumb Culture Platinum Award!

Disclaimer: Samples were received in order to write this review.

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