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SETTRIS is a puzzle game of rotating and flipping block placement. It is developed and published by Zoo Corporation (Mystic GatePretty Girls series). It is currently only available for PC on Steam.

SETTRIS is Totally More Laid Back than Tetris

Puzzle games have been around for ages. Some of them are nice and chill to pass the time, whereas others are anxiety-inducing. SETTRIS is thankfully among the former. I personally don’t mind a mixture of the two though. Which type of puzzle game do you prefer?

An example SETTRIS board is shown - A cube with gray blocks in the upper left and bottom right with the other areas filled in with orange, pink, and purple blocks. A coral reef composes the background.
Some just seem so simple.


SETTRIS is honestly a very simple game. Each stage presents a game board and the challenge is to get all of the pieces you are given onto that board. You are able to flip and rotate the pieces as needed. There is also no timer so you can take your time with each. Most of the game boards have static blocks that you also need to work around. Some also have certain color spaces that you have to match with your block placement.

There are two different game modes in SETTRIS. The first is stage selection which includes 80 different stages that you unlock sequentially. The other is Time Attack, where there are three different selections – 3-block, 4-block, or 5-block. For these you have five minutes to solve as many game boards as you can. There are also rankings that show where you stand among other players for each Time Attack.

It was disappointing to find how few puzzle boards actually include the color square requirement. I suppose it could almost be seen as making the puzzle too easy. But playing SETTRIS, I felt most of the stages were fairly easy to begin with. The most challenging part of the game for me was trying to get my scores higher in the Time Attack mode.

The time attack mode menu is shown - a blue pop-up window with 3 Pieces, 4, and 5 available to select. Each selection also shows your best score which for me were 23, 11, and 13 respectively at the time.
Time Attack gives you something to work on in the long run.

Graphics & Audio

The graphics in SETTRIS are just as simple as the gameplay. Bright, dynamic colors make up the blocks where a more dull gray/black makes up the puzzle board and static blocks. The background is always a constant coral reef of some sort as well that is ok but some variety would have been a nice compliment.

Audio in SETTRIS is about the same. The noises for flipping, rotating, placing, and incorrectly placing are just little blips. The music is ok, but I felt it became somewhat of an annoyance. It would be chugging along until you complete the puzzle – then abruptly stop and change tracks. I would have been good with some carryover. Especially during long play sessions.


I honestly think SETTRIS doesn’t have a lot going for it in the terms of longevity. After completing the 80 stages, all that is really left to do is play Time Attack unless you want to go back through them again. Which who knows, maybe you’ll want to revisit at a later date. I’m not sure that I will be though. Perhaps Zoo Corporation will add more stages at some point.

The ranking board for SETTRIS is shown - showing your standing at the very top, then listing other players from first to last. Each time attack selection has its own ranking board.
It may take a bit of work before I see the top of these ranks.

Final Thoughts

SETTRIS has a lower price point than a lot of games out there for a reason. It’s nothing ground-breaking and the longevity of it suffers quite a bit from repetition and likely user boredom after playing for an extended time. I also felt it was lacking a bit in the ingenuity department simply because one of the features, the color placement requirement, was barely present at all. If you want to pump up your brain cells for a while, give it a go. If you’re looking for something to play for hours and hours to come, move along. I feel the Thumb Culture Bronze Award is the best I can honestly give it.

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Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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