Sades Battle Ram Gaming Combo Set Review

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Lately, I have been adventuring over the hardware hills, next up is the Sades Battle Ram Gaming Combo. Sades, for those who aren’t familiar, are a Shenzen City based tech brand. Originally starting out with the manufacturer of headsets in 2002 they then entered the gaming market in 2012. Sades then went on to being the exclusive headset provider for World Cyber Games Festival in China. Going from strength to strength they are now worldwide and have their own E-Sports teams.

A 3 in 1 bundle for an extremely affordable budget!

Sades are a brand that I have personally never come across until earlier this year. At Thumb Culture we have had a few Sades products in and that is how I was introduced. This will be my first hands-on experience with the brand, my first thoughts are – Just how good can a keyboard and mouse bundle be for less than £40.


The first thing that really stood out to me when opening the Sades Battle Ram Combo, was the detailing on the keyboard. The keyboard included has a metallic blue metal plating at the top, along with exposed metal screws under the keys. The colour combination along with the styling makes this keyboard look slightly industrial with a futuristic feel. The keyboard has a mostly matte black finish with RGB backlighting on the keys.

The bundle in its glory!

When it comes to the mouse, down the left-hand side where the thumb rest sits, there are cut-outs in the plastic to give you extra grip whilst gaming. These do work and aren’t just a gimmick as is the case usually with mice at this price point. With the Sades logo on the palm rest, the mouse in this combo is the same finish as the keyboard. This finish is matte black to ensure they both look great together on your desk. Obviously, it wouldn’t be a gaming mouse with the good ol’ RGB lighting. This can be found highlight the logo, scroll wheel, and around the base of the mouse.


The keyboard is a membrane switch keyboard, therefore very soft keys that can feel quite dampened at times with no feedback. Obviously, if you are on the market for a mechanical keyboard this is not the bundle for you. Having said that the keys feel good quality and provide a comfortable gaming experience at this price point. However, if you are a clumsy gamer, this might just be the one for you. The keyboard is also waterproof, so if you find yourself spilling all the time I would definitely check this out. The keyboard is a full-size keyboard and comes with 12 function switches to assist with shortcuts.

Bringing gaming to everyone

The mouse has an optical sensor (PMW 3050) and has 3 side buttons. One of which can be used as a sniper button. The sniper buttons when pressed lower the DPI of the mouse to enable smooth movement when scoped in on your targets. With 4 buttons on top and a scroll wheel, there is more than enough to ensure you get yourself off to a great start PC gaming. For me this is probably the ideal amount of buttons available, it gives beginners something to get used to. Especially if they have come over from using a macOS.

Compatibility And Grip

Both the mouse and the keyboard that form part of the Sades Battle Ram Combo are USB. The drivers required for them both are available as a free download from the Sades website. Sades advise that their drivers for this particular set are compatible with PCs running Windows 7 and up. Unfortunately, there is no support for the MacOS mentioned and I haven’t been able to test if they are plug and play from that perspective.

Clean industrial-esque style detailing

When it comes to the all-important grip type, the mouse feels like an all-rounder. There was no discomfort when gaming using either, however when it came to trialling “claw” it didn’t feel as sturdy as the others. The mouse is ergonomic, so unfortunately this mouse is only suitable for those who use their right hand.

Final Thoughts

I think it is fantastic that we are seeing products available at lower price points. This is just making gaming more and more accessible, despite PC components costing so much at the minute. However, what you have to take into account is that the Sades Battle Ram Combo is less than £40. This is a quarter of the price of some of the sole higher-end products we see on the market today.

It isn’t a gaming mouse without RGB right?

Obviously, at this price point, something has to give. As mentioned above it comes with RGB so your setup will look great. However, when it comes to the switches on the keyboard they feel a little lacklustre compared to some of the other membrane keyboards I have tried. From the mouse perspective, the switches used for the buttons are very lightweight. Not everyone will want to spend £100s with their first set-up, so this would be ideal to get someone into PC gaming as an add-on to a PC obviously. I, therefore, award the Sades Battle Ram Gaming Combo set a Thumb Culture Bronze Award.

Disclaimer: A product was received in order to write this review.

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