S.C.A.R – 90’s Retro FPS In Da House?

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Do you like running around and shooting monsters? Yes? I thought so.
S.C.A.R stands for Simulating Carnage and Rockets, which is a perfect way to describe, it is a new game developed by Savage Studios and published by Audio Visual Enterprises S.A.
S.C.A.R is only on PC at the moment, whether it makes the step to console is still yet to be seen.


S.C.A.R plays really well, with the retro FPS vibe, moving around in the different sections of the game is brilliant, picking up new guns, ammo, healing etc. Weapons are pretty standard for an FPS. It really makes you go mental with the amount of stuff you can do, blowing up monsters with your rocket launcher or just beating them up with your fists. The mobility is brilliant with you being able to jump pretty high but then also speed dashing in the air, which also helps you get to those hard to get places. You also have a grapple hook which can be used in combos with your jump and speed dash.


There is quite a wide variety of monsters you will come up against in S.C.A.R, some that will run at you and hit until you finish them, whilst there is also some higher up on other platforms that will shoot at you whilst the runners are chasing you, this really keeps you on your toes, also be careful of the flying wasp monsters.

Whilst I have spoken about the great things in S.C.A.R, there is a few things that bothered me, with either the locations being too claustrophobic meaning if you are in a tight battle and go to jump out of there it is likely in some locations you will bash your head on the very low ceilings or overshoot the ledges.



I was playing S.C.A.R on the PC at 1080p at 60fps and felt no frame rate issues, it ran super smoothly which is even nicer seeing the monsters blow up in front of you and the blood splattering everywhere.

A nice addition to S.C.A.R would also be different difficulties, seeing how long you can hold off the hordes of enemies.


S.C.A.R’s game sound definitely enhances your experience, if blowing up monsters wasn’t enough for you, then having the sound up on S.C.A.R really helps with the lovely heavy metal music playing through as you are wiping out all of the monsters that come your way.

With the already brilliant soundtrack playing through your headphones the sound effects are very good, hearing the blood splatter once you finish off a monster or using your grapple hook to get yourself outta there.



With S.C.A.R only having the one game mode I feel like it could be played for a few hours maybe a bit more, but with there being a pretty much non-existent storyline, I question what my character’s motivation is? Wouldn’t mind seeing some achievements added to the game.


With all of that said S.C.A.R is a really fun game, with the 90’s FPS feel to it makes you really feel like you have gone back to a previous era. S.C.A.R made me feel nostalgic with the adrenaline pumping through me. Would I come back to play it again? Probably not unless they added some more game modes or added to a storyline and gave you a bit of a backstory.

I give it the Bronze Thumb Culture Award.

Developer: Savage Studios
Publisher: Audio Visual Enterprises S.A
Release Date: 15/07/2020
Platforms: PC

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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