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Ubisoft has revived its 2014 educational music title “Rocksmith” with its 2022 release Rocksmith+. The original release received some great press from those who took it up. I wonder just how much hype the new release will receive?

Game On With Your Inner Musician!

Since the original release of Rocksmith, I have always fancied checking it out. I always loved guitar hero, but this offered an opportunity to learn guitar rather than tap a few buttons. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Rocksmith+ when it was announced.


Rocksmith+ is an online subscription service brought to you by Ubisoft.  It’s a service that not only takes you on a journey to knowing about your instrument, but to learning how to play some of your favourite genres of music. There are a few subscription types available 1, 3 and 12 Months, each one offering more discounts. As of writing this if you own Rocksmith 2014 and opt for a 3 or 12-month subscription you also get additional months for free.

Helpful fret labelling that comes with the Real Tone Cable

With Rocksmith+ you can connect any guitar (electric/acoustic) or bass either using the mobile app Rocksmith+ Connect or using the Rockmith+ Real Tone Cable. It is also compatible with other audio interfaces if you already have some sort of setup already. However, please check compatibility first.  Once connected you can start your journey to understanding your chosen instrument. I also highly recommend playing with headphones or a headset, it is a much better experience.

Understanding you axe!

The great thing about Rocksmith+ is that it doesn’t assume how much you already know. You have the option to take part in certain tutorials depending on your skill set. If it’s the first time you are picking up a guitar then it will talk you through all of the components of the guitar so you are more familiar with the parts and terms. If you are more advanced you can simply just straight into perfecting your skills. Despite knowing a little, I started at the very beginning. They have done a great job with the scripts used for the learning to really ensure everyone can understand the foundations to either start playing or advance themselves.

The Rocksmith+ Real Tone Cable

The library of music available is obviously limited to what Ubisoft uploads, however currently there is something for everyone’s music taste. The library is constantly growing, but it feels like there is more than enough to be getting on with. Some of these tracks are extremely difficult. However, with the Ubisoft learning system you can turn down the difficulty to suit you perfectly. There is even the option to replay certain parts repeatedly to help perfect those solos.

Graphics & Audio

The first thing I have to mention (which was a worry of mine) is just how well the UI/UX would work. I have been on my fair share of online courses and sometimes the UI/UX is the one thing that can really detract from the learning experience. Ubisoft on the other hand has done a fantastic implementation to ensure your screen isn’t cluttered. Rocksmith+ shows you a lot when it comes to the main screen/menu, however, it is extremely easy to navigate. There are various tabs depending on what you are trying to access, whether it be tutorials or looking at your progression.

In song chord orchestration

As mentioned earlier the audio scripts produced to further your learning are fantastic and easy to digest. They are the perfect speed for everyone to enjoy the experience of learning. Obviously audio plays a big part in learning an instrument. The feedback loop from you playing to hearing the guitar is spot on, sometimes not quite as responsive as playing directly through an amp. However, this does not detract from playing and learning.


It is really difficult to discuss longevity from everyone’s perspective here. I know that I will still be playing Rocksmith+ this time in two years’ time as long as it’s still a supported platform. There may be people who pick this up just to learn a specific song because they already have a solid background in playing. I do believe there is something for everyone on here. Whether that be learning a new instrument or improving in some shape or form. The only thing that will limit who jumps on this title is the monthly subscription which may deter some people who prefer a once-and-done deal when buying new titles. This is a platform that can provide long-term tutoring at a much cheaper price than in-person lessons would cost.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned earlier, at the beginning it felt a little rough. However, I was getting used to Rocksmith+ and understanding the mechanics. After getting used to this I really enjoyed my time in-game. I loved the way it analysed your playing and feedback appropriately.  This ensured that I stayed on track with my learning. Everything from the tutorials/lessons to the music in-game was on point. I am far from being an expert, but Rocksmith+ is enabling me to enjoy my time on guitar a lot more, as I feel it gives me direction. For these reasons I award Rocksmith+ the Thumb Culture Platinum Award.

Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to write this review.

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