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Developed by Arcadia and published by Spheroom, we have a zombie horde VR title. Initially released in in 20th October 2022 Requisition VR is an action survival shooter that will keep you on your feet.

The Horde Is Here

Join me as I check out this early access to see what Requisition VR can offer in its early stages.


As mentioned previously Requisition VR is a FPS zombie horde title. With this comes the expected zombie experience. Some sort of natural disaster or phenomenon occurs (in this case fog) and before we know it the not dead’s and slowly but surely becoming dead’s. It is down to you and your fellow companions if you choose to coop to find the solution. All the while the god is still spreading and more people are turning.

You are probably thinking, what can this offer me that’s different to the other VR experiences with a similar storyline. Or maybe even VR FPS shooters in general. Requisition VR not only gives you melee weapons and guns. Arcadia have taken it a step further to enable you to craft. This means that you quickly learn to become Kevin McCallister in the zombie apocalyptic world. For example a leaf blower and a blow torch creates an epic flame thrower.

Narration screens showing 3 options.
Cartoons, must be a gentle walk through the park

Furthermore, when it comes to weapons and crafting, items within the game are randomised (or at least they were for me). This means you could get something random, or potentially land yourself an epic AR. This is both great and slightly annoying at the same time. It obviously provides you with a challenge if you get something sub-par. I haven’t had chance to play this multiplayer as of yet. However, if you get the same loot in single as in multiplayer. This could potentially cause some arguments.

Graphics & Audio

When it comes to graphics Requisition VR sits up there with a lot of other titles of its size. The assets used within the game aren’t super realistic but they do look great and do no affect gameplay. I believe when it comes to VR that graphics are improving as we move along the VR roadmap. However, if the gameplay mechanics aren’t there, the game will flop.

With regards to the audio the main focus is on the sound effects within the game. After all if you can’t hear the sounds of a zombies brain been pummelled then you aren’t having fun right? Fortunately, we do get a library of epic sound effects. Everything from the crafting and weapons to the hitting the zombies are spot on.

image shows a horde of zombies being fought by player controlled characters.
This is my boomstick!


There will be multiple game modes in Requisition VR, Single player campaign and multiplayer. Having both of these at a high level with the potential to bring in extra modes underneath each of these headers will provide plenty of gameplay. It will be interesting to see how the game expands and develops on full release.

Not only is there the above, Arcadia have also been developing content for the game for special holidays. For example over the Christmas period, we saw festive content including new weapons.

Final Thoughts

My time in Requisition VR was fun and the gun mechanics worked extremely well and a lot better than melee combat. I found the tracking a little off at times but for the most it was smooth. As mentioned previously this game is still in Early Access and has the potential to change. I can imagine as we get closer to a full release, we will see even smoother more immersive gameplay and I look forward to checking it out. For all those VR loves out there, for the price I think it is worth checking out and seeing what havoc you can cause.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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