Paper Dolls PSVR Review – Heaven or Hell

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Winking Entertainment  and Perp Games have stepped up to give us another PSVR game. Paper Dolls is a new entry to the PSVR Horror Genre. This should be interesting as I love horror in general and love my PSVR.

Creepy Looking Don’t You Think


Paper Dolls has a choice from two control schemes, either using your Dual Shock controller or PS Move controllers. My first outing on Paper Dolls was using the Dual Shock controller and it wasn’t a great start for me. Movement using the controller was awkward. Neither stick works for walking around. To move around on Paper Dolls you must use L2 and R2 alternating between them. There is only walk as an option also, don’t try pumping the buttons faster as you wont move any quicker either. To turn in Paper Dolls is just as bad, double tap L2 or R2 to turn in the relative direction. You can just turn your head and your character will turn although your body will become contorted and it takes away any immersion. I gave up using the controller for Paper Dolls as its so clumsy and awkward.

One of The Brighter Areas Believe It Or Not

So I jumped back to the main menu and started Paper Dolls again using the PS Move controllers. Now the one thing I forgot to mention is Paper Dolls does not allow you to switch control schemes mid game. Hence I had to start a new game. The Move controllers will be much easier for playing this game I thought to myself. Alas Paper Dolls is equally as bad with this control scheme. Instead of L2 and R2 it’s now using the two triggers to move around. Picking up objects is equally as bad.

Frustration really kicks in early with your hands going through cupboard doors when they should grab, hands going through objects instead of picking up. Then there is the way your hand sits on-screen in a camp position, or twists itself up as if you were having a seizure. Paper Dolls didn’t even manage to give me a scare. The closest I had to any sort of jump was the first time loose debris fell from the ceiling. But after the first time it didn’t even remotely phase me.

A Save Point Although They Don’t Tell You That

The puzzle element to Paper Dolls is more a time filler to pad the game out as much as they possibly could. There isn’t much of a challenge to them at all. I personally found the enemies predictable as well. With the exception of some cheesy character names that made me chuckle with the irony of the names. Lets face it though, this IS a horror game so I don’t want to be chuckling I want to be scared.


Paper Dolls does a stand up job in this department. My hat goes off to them. The quality and detail put into this game is amazing. It’s up there with the best games on PSVR. My only grip is the game is very dark and at times its to dark to find your way around, your left to fumble your way around. But overall Paper Dolls is a AAA game graphically.

Yes My Torch Is Switched On


Again Paper Dolls has done an awesome job here. The sound effects are spot on. The music is atmospheric and gives you the only sense of caution or anticipation within the game. I actually have no complaints in this area at all for a change.

I Feel Your Pain


Paper Dolls is a game that looks great, it sounds great. Ultimately it is a game that falls flat on its face thanks to one of the worst controller schemes I’ve ever used. The poor controls and the frustration are too much. No level of graphics or audio can help this game unfortunately. I can hand on heart say this isn’t even worth picking up in a sale. I will put you out of your misery now with my rating, I wished for someone to put me out my misery while reviewing this game. Paper Dolls gets the Thumb Culture Trash Award.

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