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Developed by Space Lizard Studio and published by Thunderful, Paper Cut Mansion folded its way out on the 27th of October.

Reams Of Puzzles And Scares!

I have heard nothing but praise for Paper Cut Mansion. So I stayed away from the reviews until I could get my hands on it and find some time to sit down and play it for myself. I was never 100% sold on it. Finally, here we are, keep reading to find out how I get on.


You pull up in your cardboard car and take a wander through the woods following the elusive green moth until you reach the gates of the house. You are then sucked through a musical paper portal that would feel at home in a Tim Burton movie.

The First Puzzle!

Starting in the first room, you are taken on a journey playing Paper Cut Mansion whilst learning at the same time. Each room offers something different to the last. Taking guidance from the green moth is a must. Its actions give you hints as to what you might need to do, for example, if it lands on a wall and pulses you must search the room for the hidden secret. Finding it might lead to something else, or it could just be a power-up or some coins. You can also buy power-ups and weapons to help you on your adventure.

Medal Up!

You will be meeting new characters along the way from creepy paper people to talking doors. Each one gives you new missions or hints on what to do next. At first sight, it looks like it’s going to be quite friendly, but this paper horror adventure knows how to jump scare. You will be chased by your enemies, some you can kill but some you have to outrun before they get you. It’s charming yet creepy vibes had me worried to pick items up or investigate. For me, jump scares are one of the worst types of scares out there! And what’s more, if you die – you have to start from the beginning. In each play through you learn more and understand what you have to do. Or in some cases not to do, the next time round.

Musical Bones

Every decision you make and puzzle you complete takes you closer to the end, where you might just find out the mystery of the mansion that has engulfed you. I could absolutely see Paper Cut Mansion being ported onto a VR platform. The in-game mechanics would work extremely well in this aspect.

Graphics & Audio

When it comes to the art/assets within the game. Everything is hand drawn in pencils and then rendered, we then see the final product in the game. I found out after playing that this was the process of bringing the game to life. It really shows how much love has gone into making Paper Cut Mansion looking at the graphics alone. Don’t get me wrong, I love a AAA title that has realistic assets. However, when they are hand drawn and brought to life, as they have in this Paper Cut Mansion, it adds a little something special.

Examining the key!

The in-game music and audio for me are just like the cherry on top of the Bakewell. You don’t really need it because the game is great. However, what it does is finish it off. It assists in the creation of an all-around enjoyable experience. Everything from the voice acting down to the FX within the game has been paired perfectly with the paper-cut graphics.


This is a game with a simple (yet interesting, without giving too much away) storyline. It is rich with content that just keeps on giving. From jumping through portals to different realms to the various puzzles around the mansion, this is a game that you will have a play a good number of times. I say this (as mentioned above) when you die you have to start the run again. So as the player you will be investing a good amount of time in Paper Cut Mansion, if like me you act like Rambo and just run into every room hoping for the best.

The first and definitely not the last time I saw this!

Final Thoughts

I personally had no idea how I would feel after checking out Paper Cut Mansion. I had heard some hype within the industry but I never felt like it was a game that would draw me in. However, from the beginning, I was thinking over and over just how wrong I was. It starts off slow but within minutes you are trapped and the game really pulls you in on so many levels. Even having to start again when you died didn’t feel frustrating. It was just another opportunity to correct your path or not take a certain turn. I award Paper Cut Mansion a Thumb Culture Gold Award.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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