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noblechairs have released an abundance of stunning chairs over this past year. I think we are all in agreement when we say that they also do some stunning collaborations with well-known franchises.

Another One Added To The Line-up

Today noblechairs have announced the LEGEND. A brand new design taking in some of the standout characteristics from the lineup of already standout chairs at noblechairs.


The design of the LEGEND takes the eye holes from the EPIC, the sleek design of the ICON. Add to that the lumbar support of the HERO, then mix it all about in a big blender and out comes the LEGEND.

The Legend!

It comes with all the standard features that the noblechairs line up has, its 4D armrests giving plenty of customisation for resting those tired arms. The adjustable height and recline give you the perfect gaming position. The LEGEND has it all and just tweaks the formula to give that little bit extra. It is ergonomic and comfortable and wouldn’t look out of place in any gaming setup or office.

The noblechairs LEGEND comes in a variety of flavours and prices, from the classic TX version with the classic anthracite fabric to the Java version which comes in the noble brown with hi-tech PU Leather. The Black and White LEGEND comes in PU Leather and Hybrid material respectively. Then finally and probably the most outlandish of looks, the LEGEND comings in a Black/White/Red colour, with a unique stitching pattern on the sides of this PU Leather clad chair.

The Detail

Price-wise, it does come with a hefty price tag. Although can you really put a price on unrivalled comfort and build quality? Probably, so here they are, the Black, Java and tricolour version comes in at £459.95. The White edition comes in at a slightly lower £449.99 and the TX completes the lineup at £419.99.


The building experience of any gaming chair can be a daunting thing, but noblechairs have it down to a tee. Out of the box, you are greeted with a nice instruction booklet taking you through setup. Now if you are like me and have built a fair few of these chairs in the past, you just dive straight into the process. However, for a newcomer to noblechairs, the build is one of the most rewarding parts of the process. Take your time, and watch out for your fingers when you lift the recline handle.

The Range

Once the chair is built, you get a sense of the design innovation that has gone into this chair. The small details are what make the noblechairs stand out. From the detailing around the chair to the placement of the logo on the headrest. The one thing that I love about the noblechairs LEGEND is just how welcoming it is to see when you come in from a long day at work. Knowing that your backside will be lovingly held for those long gaming nights.

So What Do We Think?

The big question is if you already own a noblechair should you upgrade to the LEGEND? Personally, I think that it’s all about aesthetics, in terms of function, this is a chair. It supports you when you sit down and gives you a place to rest. However, if you really want those sleek lines, and features from the rest of the lineup then sure, go for the LEGEND.

It’s difficult to give an award to a chair, however, we at Thumb Culture are always excited to see what the next big design is that comes from noblechairs and the LEGEND is no different.

Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to write this article.

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