Nitro Concepts D16e Gaming Desk Review

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Nitro Concepts, known for their gaming chairs also stock a range of gaming accessories and desks. In this article, I will be taking a closer look at the Nitro Concepts D16e Gaming Desk. The higher end of the desks that they stock, however this isn’t just your standard desk, it is mains powered and height-adjustable. Available on the Nitro Concepts site this desk retails, at the time of publishing this article, for £349.99.

This Desk Is On The Up!

My old desk was a cramped converted 70’s bureau, It was mainly used because it hid away my PC and work laptop when I wasn’t using it. Along with the chair next to it, it blended in with the rest of the rooms décor. However, recently I have slowly felt my back degrading. Aches and pains (not age-related) started and I figured gaming and multiple years working from home had given me the posture of a cooked prawn. To say I was excited to check out the Nitro Concepts D16e Gaming Desk was an understatement.


The Nitro Concepts D16e Gaming Desk comes in 2 colour ways (so to speak). There is a black as well as a red, however, this colour variation only differs on the large-high-quality desk mat that you get with the desk.

Carbon Fibre Space!

The desktop comes in three pieces which makes the full platform when put together, the desktop has two curved sides which protrude compared to the centre. This gives the desk a really great shape and plenty of room for peripherals. The top has a carbon fibre (Esque) textured finish which I thought would be easily damageable. However, it has proven to be extremely robust.

Under the desk, Nitro Concepts has designed some cable routing into the build, and there seem to be extra holes as well which can be utilised with cable grips to make your setup even sleeker.


Obviously, with the Nitro Concepts D16e Gaming Desk being a mains-powered desk it is electronically adjustable. Using an electric motor and two switch buttons on the front of the desk you can elevate your work to new heights. The motor is extremely smooth, so even if you like to have a brew whilst gaming. There is no worry that it will spill over if you decide you need your desk higher or lower. The switch for this function can also be put on either side of the desk.

Stand Up Sit Down – Keep Moving

In terms of height, the desk starts at 71cm and reaches up to 121cm, the perfect height (I find) to work at your desk standing up. The desk supports are extremely high quality when at it’s highest, even on the carpet the Nitro Concepts D16e Gaming Desk is extremely sturdy. I haven’t tested it, however, it can hold up to 70kg of weight as well. Obviously, the more weight you have on it as it rises, the less sturdy it will be. However, I currently have 2 monitors, PC, speakers and a PS5 on top and the motor runs extremely smooth.

Final Thoughts

The Nitro Concepts D16e Gaming Desk has been life-changing in working from home and gaming. When working during the day I can take all my calls standing up, enabling me to stretch out my back and legs.

Routing and Mechanisms

During the evening I can have the desk at a standard desk height and my monitors at a height which makes gaming sessions 110% more comfortable. This is without taking into consideration the amount of desk space it has opened for me. I award the Nitro Concepts D16e Gaming Desk a Thumb Culture Platinum Award.

Disclaimer: A review sample was received in order to write this review.

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