Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller Review

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With a whole host of ‘pro’ controllers on the market, from people such as Scuff, Razer and plenty of others, what does the Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller bring to the market? Well aside from the green circle, it brings plenty. Lets dive in!

What Exactly is a PRO Controller?

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Right from the bat the Nacon Revolution X Controller looks every bit as premium as you would expect. However, with a price tag of below £100 you would think there are some things missing. I am here to put that fear at ease because quite frankly, this controller is the nuts!

Being compatible with the PC, and Xbox ecosystem, the controller is sporting the traditional Xbox controller layout. With the asymmetric thumb stick layout as well as the A B X and Y buttons in their traditional trigger button layout and relevant colours, the one thing that immediately stands out is the extra buttons on the back. 4 extra buttons adorn the back of the controller, along with a profile button and a switch to turn off the back buttons. This controller comes feature packed! Using the free Revolution X app from the Microsoft Store, you can program and save up to 4 profiles onto the controller to adapt to any game.

Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller sitting on top of a Thumb Culture mousemat, a small case sits beneath that contains the weights and extra thumbstick necks and ends
All of the toys!

That isn’t all that makes the Nacon Revolution X Pro a ‘pro’ controller though, the controller comes with customisable thumbsticks as well as a selection of weights to increase the heft of it. Included with the controller are weights including 10g, 14g and 16g. Being able to add these into the controller grips definitely ups the substance of the controller whilst in your hands. Then there are the extra thumbsticks included to give you that extra accuracy when playing a FPS, or even some more close control when playing a racing game. Popping the heaviest weight into the controller was the nicest feel for me. It really improved the hand feel of the controller.

Unfortunately, the only downside of the controller is that it’s wired. Now I know this might not be a massive issue for most, but when your entire PC setup is wireless, having a big long (3m) cable strewn around can get in the way. As I said, it’s not a massive issue, just one to be aware of as the Nacon website actually states in the connectivity that this controller is wireless. It isn’t.


Being a controller that goes across PC and console, you would expect plenty of connectivity, and to be honest for the most part you would be right. The Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller connects via the USB-C/USB cable into either your PC or Xbox system. Connecting it to the PC you can play around with a multitude of settings. These include the activation distance of the thumbsticks, changing the button mapping as well as defining the back buttons. When you activate the profile options, you also are able to change the colour of the RGB ring around the right thumbstick, allowing you to colour code each segment so you know exactly which profile is currently active.

Nacon Revolution X Pro controller image showing the extent of the customisation that you can carry out.
Any way you want it!

Another bonus that the Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller has is the built-in Dolby Atmos sound. Just plug a 3.5mm jack headset into the bottom of the controller and you are greeted with the finest of audio precision! How does that sound for starters? Sorry….

So overall the Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller has all the features that the majority of the more expensive pro controllers have, but for a relative fraction of the price. Yes, it’s still costly, but if you are looking for a controller to boost your gaming experience and give you the upper hand then this offering from Nacon would be perfect for you.

I can only give this controller the Thumb Culture Platinum Award, it has replaced my wireless xbox controller as my daily use and at no point have I regretted that choice!

Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to write this review.

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