Nacon Camo Pro Compact Review

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Nacon, known for its epic range of third-party peripherals just keep on improving year after year. With each release comes better tech or an uplift in quality. Earlier this year Nacon released another third-party controller for the Xbox S|X and PC called the Nacon Camo Pro Compact.

Compact & Comfortable!

Usually, I am a buy official or go home kind of gamer. As a kid, I always ended up with the knock-off controller at a friend’s house. They were always sub-par and the quality was never there. However, it feels like the technology has moved on (a lot) and I am pretty excited to check out what Nacon have bought to the table.


The Nacon Camo Pro Compact is available in two colourways, Forest Camo and the version I have, Urban Camo. Both look great but for me, the Urban Camo version looks a lot cleaner. In terms of button layout, it is reminiscent of the Xbox controller we know today. Slight differences come in the form of button shape/type and certain button placements. In hand, The Nacon Camo Pro Compact feels slightly smaller but comfortable. Details such as the Nacon logo embossed into the right thumb grip really make this controller feel premium.

All Boxed Up!

Despite most of us using wireless these days, some people still prefer hard-wired. I am somewhere in between, depending on the platform. The Nacon Camo Pro Compact is a wired-only controller.  The cable for the Nacon Camo Pro Compact is a fully braided 3M cable. The cable feels extremely durable and high quality without being extremely stiff at the same time.

Taking A Closer Look

The Nacon Camo Pro Compact can be used in two different ways. For gamers who want to just plug and play, You can use the standard setup straight out of the box. However, you can download the Nacon Pro Compact App for those who like extra customisation. This option is only available to those who are on the PC platform.

That Urban Camo Look

The one thing I do love about the Nacon Camo Pro Compact is the switches used on the buttons. On some controllers, it feels like there is a soft rubber sponge below them. The buttons on this controller have an extremely responsive click. This doesn’t affect gameplay but does enhance the experience whilst using it. Obviously like keyboards, certain users will prefer certain switch types over others.

Next level detailing

When it comes to controllers, audio is not something that usually comes to mind. Obviously, some games plug their headsets into their controllers but there is usually nothing extra. It is just a port after all. However, the Nacon Camo Pro Compact has inbuilt Dolby Atmos for 3D sound.

Final Thoughts

I am blown away by just how far third-party controllers have come. The days I mentioned earlier, are long gone. This is also the first Nacon peripheral I have taken for a spin and I can safely say I was impressed. If you are looking for a new wired controller with cross-platform compatibility and customisation. I would also recommend that if you have a mini-gamer in the family then this is also one to check out. Then I would definitely check this one out. I award the Nacon Camo Pro Compact A Thumb Culture Gold Award.

Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to write this review.

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