Mifo FiiTii Kido Headset Review

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The team over at Mifo reached out to us to see if we could like to check out their FiiTii Kido range for kids. The foldable portable headset with a detachable microphone that is available in two colours, blue and pink and is currently available to buy via the Amazon website.

Will These Be The Foldable Portable Choice For Kids?

It was perfect timing to check out the FiiTii Kido as we were going on holiday and my son needed a headset to watch some movies and listen to some music on the plane. As much as I would have loved to test these out with a portable console, we do not currently have one in the household.


The FiiTii Kido has a semi-rigid headband with plenty of flex allowing for all head shapes or if your little one wears a hat it flexes to allow comfort whilst doing so. The version that we checked out was the blue edition which has accents of green in the cups and the band. The headband is decorated with various sports, everything from basketball to volleyball and is one of the cleaner graphical headsets on the market. I say this as some come across as quite tacky with colours that honestly do not look great together.

The little one watching Hotel Transylvania on our flight home!

To keep in line with the theme, the cups and plastic fasteners are a stunning blue which really brings the headset together. On the headset, there is also the buttons for volume up/down and the on/off button, which is also used to pair to your chosen device. Last but not least the one thing I do like about this headset is that it is foldable. This means whilst you are on trips away, it is less likely to get damaged, you could also easily find a third-party case as they fold up quite small if you really desired one.


When it came to looking at a headset for my son, the most important factor for me was that it had an audio limiter on it. I didn’t want him accidentally turning it up to 11 and blowing his head off. Thankfully the FiiTii Kido audio is limited to 85db, which is classed as a safe volume for kids. This also meant that he could hear us well if we needed to get his attention.

FiiTii Kido Blue Version

They are wireless Bluetooth headsets using Bluetooth 5 technology and can be connected to two devices. This means he could flip from watching a movie to listening to music easily using two different devices. There is a detachable microphone with the FiiTii Kido which we tested on a call from Lanzarote to the UK. They worked ok, however, the signal was quite bad and we were in a loud location as well which meant my son couldn’t hear as well as he would want. I think it’s safe to say these would be used as a headphone rather than a headset for us personally.

Deatchable Microphone and Safe Audio For Kids!

They have a charge time of two and a half hours for a full charge and can last up to 32hours depending on the volume. If you do need a quick charge and go then ten minutes of charge time will offer you up to two hours.

Final Thoughts

Having tried and tested a couple of other headsets/headphones for children, this one comes in on the steeper end regarding the price point. Other brands such as Belkin offer similar products at nearly half the price. Obviously, that does not make the FiiTii Kido a bad headset by any means and if you prefer the design and folding feature then this will be the winner over the others. However, with budget playing a large factor in today’s purchases I can imagine other headsets being looked at. For this reason, I award FiiTii Kido a Thumb Culture Bronze Award.



Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to write this review.


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