MAONO DM30 USB Microphone Review

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The market for computer peripherals, especially video conferencing hardware is large, especially after the pandemic with many realising they would need good gear to enhance their online presence. This market was already big amongst streamers like me where we are always looking for good hardware to evolve our online content. I took the time to get a hands-on review of the MAONO DM30 USB Microphone, one which shows promise in the market at the moment, and share my thoughts.

Taking your vocals to another level

The chance came up to test this microphone from a brand I was unfamiliar with, but I see them being a common name in the market given time and recognition. Let us know what you look for in your PC setup in the comments.


On unpackaging the microphone it is obvious that it’s very sturdy and has some weight to it. I received a polished metallic black microphone, which looks amazing. When purchasing the microphone buyers also have a choice of purple, pink or white finishes to theirs.

Maono USB Microphone
The microphones metallic design means it doesn’t feel out of place in your set up

The stand that comes with the microphone allows you to rotate the microphone to suit and felt sturdy when trying this out. I set it on my desk in front of me and felt the range of movement was enough for any PC user. Although it was only adjustable back and forth. Buyers also have the option to purchase a boom arm to extend the range and function of the microphone, which is something I may purchase soon.

The microphone also brings the style in spades with a light-up underside to the microphone which can be changed in the microphone software and can be easily downloaded. You can opt to choose a single colour light or RGB. The microphone also has a handy knob interface on the front giving you control over the gain easily and, at a push, mute the mic if needed. I was equally impressed by the connection to the underside of the microphone which was unobtrusive and hidden away.

Maono USB Microphone
The microphone to complete any set up


The MAONO DM30 USB Microphone is compatible across the board with a port for the usual headphone connector. The USB cable that came with the microphone was handily changeable to a USB-C allowing you to use the microphone for recording on your laptop or phone. I intend on using this to create content online rather than relying on the sub-standard phone’s built-in microphone.


The MAONO DM30 USB Microphone was extremely easy to set up with its plug-and-play connectivity. The manufacturers also had software that was free to download making it even easier to set up. Listening back to recordings my voice was clear at an arms-length distance. The software allows you to choose between pre-set voice modes all of which allow you to customise and set your preference. The software also had an advanced section to further tweak the sound input with professional options such as Gain, Compressor, and Limiter often seen on podcast/streaming software. It also has a simplistic equaliser with pre-set patterns to further change up the sound. Overall, I found the options and customisation pre-sets adequate for the likes of zoom calls, streaming, podcasts, and more. 

The software let me tweak away until the sound was just right


I was very impressed with the professional appearance and feel of the microphone. Couple that with its impressive software giving any user adequate customisation options and you have yourself a versatile entry-to-mid-level microphone suitable for almost any situation. I have since swapped out my old microphone for this one and use it regularly now for streaming as I found its audio output is phenomenal.

I award the MAONO DM30 USB Microphone the Thumb Culture Gold Award

Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to write this review.

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