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JOBY are probably more known, at least by myself, for their GuerillaPod Tripods. When I received the email saying they also did podcast microphones and boom arms, I jumped at the opportunity. Getting to check out new hardware from an already-established brand is what we love at Thumb Culture.

Movement and adaptability are key

Knowing just how good their GuerillaPod Tripods are, I do wonder if the latest offerings from JOBY will live up to their current standards. Let us jump in and take a close look.

Wavo Boom Arm

When I was setting up the boom arm, I was left with some complications. Not with the setup, that was straightforward. How would you review a boom arm? Well, I decided to do it like this. It’s Good. It’s like REALLY Good.

Over the years of streaming, content creation, and podcasting, I’ve used a multitude of boom arms. None of them come close to how confident I am in the JOBY Wavo Boom Arm. It’s got a great 1kg weight limit, allowing you to attach most if not all microphones on there without the worry of droop. It comes with a universal attachment, which allows you to attach cameras as well. These will need to have a screw hole in the bottom, but the majority of cameras and webcams come with these nowadays. In the box are two coloured strips that cover the cable trunking allowing you to colour coordinate with your setup. As long as it’s black or red.

Image showing the Joby Wavo Boom Arm
Simple design with epic functionality

The materials in the JOBY Wavo Boom Arm are sturdy and strong. With a metal structure and plastic surround, you are never concerned about stressing any part of the arm. There are screws allowing you to tighten or loosen the tension in the joints as well. Giving you even more flexibility, especially if you are approaching the 1kg weight limit.

One of my favourite additions to the boom arm is the cup and headphones holder. Although, whilst being a great little feature. With my setup, I found that I wasn’t able to get the use out of the cup holder but the headphone hook was a perfect place to keep 2 headsets.

Wavo Pod Microphone

Taking the Wavo Pod out of the box and you immediately get a glimpse of the red colouring throughout. In the box, you get a pop filter as well as the base and attachments for different boom arms.

Once set up the microphone comes with a great array of features. From a switch to move between omnidirectional and directional recording patterns. To a nice volume button if you connect your headset directly to the microphone. A quick press of this button will mute the microphone for those moments when you need to cough or worse. Pressing this button again and holding it for a longer time will allow you to adjust the gain of your microphone, giving you some extra decibels.

Image showing the Joby Wavo Microphone
Sleek yet bold

Setting up the microphone is incredibly straight forward, and without any tweaks will give you a nice warm sound to your recordings. Just plug the included USB cable into your computer and you are away. Sure you can tweak settings in your preferred recording app, but personally I found the Wavo Pod to have a nice natural sound stage to it. Only needing to add filters to remove some extra noise from environmental elements.

Final Thoughts

Using both the Wavo Pod and Boom Arm together brought added professionalism to the setup. Being confident that when you start recording that you are going to sound clean and warm to your listeners is a godsend. There was never any moment of using the microphone where I wondered how I was sounding. All in all these two great products work in absolute harmony when paired together. This awesome JOBY setup receives the Thumb Culture Gold Award

Disclaimer: Samples were received in order to write this review.

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