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So, you have your lovely fast refreshing monitor standing proudly on your desk.  Either side sits your punchy bassy speakers along with your headset.  Spread out in front of you is your sizeable mouse pad adorned with your favourite gaming keyboard and matching mouse of choice.  Life is good, your setup may be state of the art or it could be modest, but it is yours and it equally brings you joy.

Without spending lots of money, what could you possibly need to accessorise your setup and heighten your gaming experience?  Well, Anker have a few things that you may be interested in!

I don’t know about you, however, even with all of those USB ports on the back of my PC, I still find myself craving more.  Ideally, a new motherboard could solve that issue but there again you may find that it is fine as it is other than the lack of ports.  Thankfully, Anker comes to the rescue with my first must-have accessory!

Anker 10 Port 60W Data Hub

Introducing the Anker 10 port 60W data hub.  A true mini marvel in its pen case size.

One powerful USB hub at your disposal!

With the use of 1 USB 3.0 socket on the back of your PC you now have an additional 10!  Yep, you heard me correctly.  No more getting around the back to swap devices out.

The 10 featured USB ports break down into 7 in number USB 3.0 ports that offer the familiar speedy 5Gbps that we all crave.  The remaining 3 USB ports are specifically designed for quick charging via the Anker exclusive PowerIQ.  Each of them supply a steady 2.1 amps per port thanks to the included power pack.  Yes, this bad boy has an external power supply so that it doesn’t become a burden on your PSU.

I found having the Anker 10 port 60W data hub on my desk amazingly convenient.  From plugging in USB drives, Bluetooth dongles, to temporarily adding extra controllers when playing co-op games such as gang beasts and Minecraft with friends and family.  No longer am I scrambling on the floor to swap out cables!

As long as a Samsung S10 and half the width!

The 3 charging ports are ridiculously quick at charging up your phone, controller or any other device that requires a battery top-up once in a while.  I cannot stress how easy this convenient hub makes it all.

While we are talking about charging devices, one of the most neglected ones while gaming has to be my mobile phone.  You know how it is, you are waiting in a lobby for the next match or waiting for friends to join so you are constantly picking up your phone to look at the latest TikTok or hurl abuse at your already late mates.  Before you know it your phone is on battery warning as it’s at the end of the day.

Anker PowerWave+ Pad with Watch Holder

Anker has always been good at charging devices and the cool-looking Anker PowerWave+ Pad with Watch Holder is a perfect desk addition for any Apple device gamers.

Charge your phone while gaming!

The sleek wireless charging pad nestles to the side of my gaming pad, silently charging my iPhone via its inbuilt 7.5W Qi hardware.  The charger does not require any PC power and draws its electricity from the included Anker Quick Charge wall plug.  It is worth noting that any Qi-enabled phone can be placed onto the wireless charging pad.

To the right of the charging pad is a flip-up nightstand that allows you to insert your Apple Watch wireless charger.  It is worth noting that the Watch charger is not included.  Below the main base is a handy external port to plug your watch charger straight into, keeping the Anker device looking minimalistic thanks to the one cable that leaves it.

Once more, a lovely addition to your gaming setup, allowing you to grab your phone whenever you require it and allowing it to charge while you game.  I found the included watch charger very handy as I like to track my sleep at night therefore to charge it while playing is so convenient.

Finally, in my Anker accessorise article, we have one last device that makes life just that little bit easier.

Anker PowerExpand 4 in 1 SSD USB-C Hub

While this device will mainly benefit the laptop gamers of the world, PC gamers will also be able to find perks from this one.

Behold the mini hub of wonder!

Compatible with laptops and PCs that feature a USB C port, the Anker PowerExpand 4 in 1 is a small discreet hub that offers a lot for its size.

Firstly, should you have a laptop that features a USB C charger, you can simply connect your charger directly into the Anker device.  Thanks to the clever pass thru ability, your laptop will continue to charge while the hub will use just 12w of the maximum 100w input to operate.

With the device alive, the PowerExpand 4 in 1 becomes a powerhouse of functionality.  The pocket-sized device sports an integral 256GB SSD, perfect for holding those all-important files and games.  To compliment, along the side of the slim hub there are two super-speed USB ports to support both peripherals and quick file transfer.  Should you be wanting to use the PowerExpand as a laptop hub or desire a second screen then there is also an HDMI port to extend or mirror your display up to 4K at a 30Hz resolution.

Don’t forget that 4K Hdmi output!

As mainly a PC user it was fantastic to have that extra bit of storage at my fingertips as well as extra USB ports for gaming controllers.  Should your graphics card only have one HDMI output then having the extra HDMI port is brilliant for running that second monitor for apps such as Discord and dare I say for work things such as Office.

I hope that I have opened your eyes to some of the ways that you can use Anker devices to bring more life and functionality to your everyday tech life.  There is so much out there to compliment your PC or laptop setup!  What will you be getting?

All of the featured products that I have tried and tested in this article are faultless and bring amazing functionality.  They therefore all receive the Thumb Culture prestigious Platinum Award!

Disclaimer: Samples weres received in order to write this review.

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