CTR: Nitro Fueled Incense Burner & Other Merchandise

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With the current frenzy of fast paced Karting action currently occupying (almost) everyone’s gaming consoles, the guys over at Numskull have released a whole host of collectable merchandise and goodies that will turn any man-cave into a CTR shrine, and they were kind enough to send us here at Thumb Culture a few pieces to have a look at.

The Peace de la resistance among this selection is the Incense Burner, following on from the trend that started back with Spyro, we have a wonderfully detailed version of Crash sat in his ‘Team Bandicoot’ Kart ready to burn off the line and get him some of that Wumpa fruit!

At approx. 20cm long, 17cm wide and 14cm high, Crash is a fairly large statue for an Incense Burner, but that is to be expected considering it’s a Kart, and I think it fits quite nicely when compared to Spyro which stands at 27cm Tall and 16cm wide.

At first glance, I was a little unsure how this would work as an Incense Burner, because the guys at Numskull have done a wonderful job of hiding it within the Engine bay of the Kart so unless your searching for it, it’s almost undetectable.

On top of this, they included a golden CTR Trophy (Guess they must have heard how I play the game!), which can double up as a mug, although I probably wouldn’t use it this way when there are so many other mugs available in the collection.

Oh, just make sure if you do decide to use it for a drink at any time (perhaps some champagne when you achieve that Platinum). Do not put it in the Dishwasher or Microwave…

To complete the set, the guys at Numskull were kind enough to send us a couple of the smaller pieces, as seen below:

There are a whole host of amazing pieces available both online and in various gaming retail stores, ranging from T Shirts, Furry Dice, Tyre Styled Coasters, a whole range of mugs as well as smaller items such as key rings and badges.

Make sure you check the range out at www.numskull.com/official-crash-bandicoot-merchandise/. There really is something for anyone that loves CTR.

Thanks again to the guys over at Numskull for sending us these pieces to have a look at so we can give you readers the inside line!

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