Creative Pebble V2 Review – Small Yet Mighty

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Creative is well known in the PC hardware market, for their affordable speakers as well as more high-end products. So when they reached out and said they had a set of the Pebble V2 that I could get my hands on, I jumped at the opportunity. So having received them just before Christmas it was time to put them to work through a multitude of scenarios.

How did they sound? Well, let’s take a deeper dive and find out!


As with any speakers, generally, you look at performance overlooks (for the most part) and the Pebble V2 is no exception in this area. With a stereo 2.0 system in place, it uses USB-C to power that pair of 2″ full-range drivers. Along with a high gain switch, so if your plugging the Pebble V2 into a 10W source then you will get the advantage of rich audio, with superb audio representation.

One of my many complaints with desktop speakers is the shortness of the cables, often not reaching far enough to fit around your current setup and as such you end up having to rearrange, not with the Pebble V2, Creative has bundled these speakers with long cables. with a 4ft cable from pc to speaker and then a 4.4ft cable from speaker to speaker you have a massive myriad of options to how you set up your Pebble V2 speakers.

The gain switch on the Pebble V2
All the Gainz

I think one of the most striking features of the Pebble V2, however, is the sheer size of the unit… it’s TINY! These speakers just sit nicely either side of my main monitor, they aren’t intrusive in the slightest and even help with the aesthetics of my messy desk. Add to that the perfect 45-degree angle that they sit at, they pump the audio straight at you.


Next onto how the Pebble V2 speakers handle the audio challenge, they will no doubt come up against.

To be honest its nothing short of astounding.

Now I’m no massive audiophile, but I can appreciate a good set of speakers that represent accurately what you are trying to listen to.

Through my testing period of these speakers, I tested it with music, films, as well as games. After all, your PC is now the centre of your multimedia hub, and all situations it handled brilliantly.

Minimalist Design of the Pebble V2
Not the TC desk, but it gives a good representation of the size

Music was a joy to listen to with the Pebble V2 and it accurately pumped those notes out of the speaker, even at louder volumes – which after all is how music is meant to be listened to – the speakers handled them brilliantly, with little to no distortion at even the highest volumes.

Having a film playing was brilliant, the speakers on the Pebble V2 were able to handle all those fight scenes and high octane car chases, with tyre squeal and gunshots, all in its stride. These speakers even have a surprising amount of bass for such a little form factor. Giving rich treble as well as a gutsy base when it’s needed.

When you start up a game is where the fun begins, for a 2.0 system these give a surprisingly accurate amount of location information for those games such as Rainbow Six: Siege, at the same time give enough immersion with the sound performance so you can get lost playing through a story of epic proportions like The Witcher 3.


So what do you get with the Pebble V2? You get a great performing set of 2.0 speakers and at an amazing price to boot. You can generally find these speakers for around the £20 mark, so if you are trying to get a great performing set of budget speakers, then you really can’t go wrong with the Pebble V2

It goes without saying that these speakers thoroughly deserve their Thumb Culture Gold Award and you really should check them out for yourselves!

Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to write this review.

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