Catgotchi: Virtual Pet – Switch Review

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Catgotchi: Virtual Pet has been out for around 2 months now, and RedDeer.Games brings a nostalgic twist on a new game. Bringing the Tamagotchi to life!

Raising Cats the Old Fashioned Way

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Catgotchi: Virtual Pet is cute. It really really is. It is also going to cater to a certain demographic of gamers.

So what do we get up to on Catgotchi? Effectively your aim is to raise a healthy and happy cat. Choosing from one of 3 breeds to start with you clean up their poop, feed them, give them water and play with them. If you manage to get a cat to full adulthood a couple of times it unlocks the next set of cat breeds to choose from. Be careful though, as although you can start 3 cats only the active cat that you have chosen actually progresses in real time.

our cat sitting in the middle of the screen with a house on the left and a big tree on the right
Sitting in the middle with you….and your cat

Each cat in Catgotchi has their own games that you can play. From a cute stacking game to a game called Destroy, don’t worry all you do is move between dropping items and then break up into a few pieces. You will want to be checking your cat often though. As I numerous times lost cats due to not checking on them throughout the day.

There isn’t a tutorial or anything when you start the game, instead, you learn on the job, which is fine for the most part. There is a single help screen however, this essentially gives you a brief overview of what you need to do.

Graphics & Audio

The graphics on Catgotchi are very retro. They are in the green scale that is more akin to a GameBoy screen. Which is fun, but only for a short period. On-screen, you get your cat in the middle. It doesn’t move or anything, instead, you can decorate the left and right sides of the screen with a selection of items. From palm trees to buildings, and even a gate or two.

Our cat is playing a stacking game. The score is in the top left and the blocks sway from side to side adding a slight bit of difficulty.

There are visible indications as to the condition of your cat, with their basic needs along the top of the screen. Even a little poop next to your cat when it’s been.

Audio-wise, there isn’t that much to write home about. There are sound effects for each action you carry out, but even these are not groundbreaking. However, it all doesn’t feel out of place strangely. I think with the combination of the graphics style as well, it all feels homely.


This is the hard one really. Quite honestly this game is perfect for brief sessions throughout the day. You won’t be playing this for an hour’s session, but you might pick it up multiple times throughout the day to care for your cat. My only advice would be to keep care of one cat at a time.

Final Thoughts

So Catgotchi, To be honest, it’s charming. It’s a very nostalgic game that won’t take up much space on your Nintendo Switch, and with it being on sale often it’s well worth picking up.

If you are looking for a game that is going to keep you entertained for hours and hours, then look elsewhere. However Catgotchi is perfect for kids, you can even give the youngsters a test before buying a real cat.

Catgotchi: Virtual Pet receives the Thumb Culture Bronze Award

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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