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Are you looking for your next simulation manager fix? Then Blooming Business: Casino may be for you. Blooming Business: Casino is the newest tycoon simulation game with a Vegas twist where the sky is the limit. If this sounds like your next game, then you can add it straight to your wish list! Blooming Business: Casino is currently available to buy now on Steam for £19.99.

Bear with me!

As many of you may possibly know by now, simulation genre games are my favourite games to play. I am a big fan of the likes of Two Point Hospital and its predecessor Theme Hospital and I jumped at the opportunity to play Blooming Business: CasinoBlooming Business: Casino is brought to you by the developer Homo Lundes, which is a relatively new developer in the gaming world.

This picture shows Mr Owlner giving you the keys to your very own Casino, starting your adventure in style.
You are handed the keys to your newest Casino by Mr Owlner himself!


In Blooming Business: Casino you assume the role of a drifter, who is down on their luck and strapped for cash. Deciding to use the last of your money on a bet was not the best idea, as you soon find yourself losing the bet. For losing your bet you are handed the keys of a run-down casino, which is not all it seems. The next thing you know you are in a considerable amount of debt with the local mobsters. Your job is to therefore make the casino into a well-oiled machine, that makes money but also does its job in keeping the customers happy.

Building and designing the Casino is an easy job. But you also need to run the Casino in order to make a profit. You need to maximise client and visitor satisfaction, whilst also juggling their complicated demands. This is particularly important in the first game mode, this being the campaign.

What is your management style?

Want to learn the ropes? Then the campaign should be your first pick. There are 11 missions and their respective casinos, whereby you have to build up a clientele and become the best casino in Fake Vegas. There are unique and distinctive animal characters to care for, who all have differing needs. To do this, you must design your casinos to match those needs and hire people to take care of them. And if you’re good at this, then hopefully your clients will end up like the bear below:

This picture shows one of the bear clients laying on the floor of the casino after drinking too much alcohol.
Someone didn’t know when to stop!

There are some helpful tips that the game gives you in order to succeed. In the top left-hand corner, you are given some improvements that are needed for the Casino. This could be that your Casino is too dirty, or the needs of the clients are lowering and you need to fix it. The game gives you every opportunity for your casino to succeed. If you wish to progress, however, you will need to make sure you are completing the goals of that level. These are seen in the blue box on the right-hand side of the screen. These are level-specific goals, which will help you impress the bosses of each level.

Meet VIP Ant’ny Bar!

Each boss is unique and has different likes and dislikes. For example, meet Ant’ny Bar, who is the VIP of level 2. Your goal is to make the casino worthy for his associates to enjoy, and if you do this, you are blessed with his presence. Ant’ny Bar has very distinct likes, this being he is a sci-fi nerd, and having this displayed in the casino will ensure you make it to the next level. If not, then you will not progress. Each level has its own special VIP, and they come above all. Sometimes you will have to change the design of your casino to ensure you are meeting their needs. But don’t worry, the game makes it simple and easy for you to do this.

This photograph shows the likes and dislikes of one of your customers.
Will you meet his needs?

Graphics & Audio

Blooming Business: Casino is a charming distinctive game, which features cartoon-like graphics. The colours on display are light and modest, simple but I think that this benefits the game well. The way the graphics are presented is clean and easy, which I think helps the simplicity of the game. I really enjoyed how the graphics were presented, and I enjoyed even more than the characters were animals rather than humans. Sometimes animals are better. Especially considering the art style of these animals was rather cute, something I would expect to see in a children’s book, which is the best kind.

In addition to this, I thought the music was rather fitting. It was sweet and fitted the style of the game quite well. It was quite relaxing to listen to the music whilst getting on with the game. It also did not get annoying after a while, which is sometimes what I find with this type of music.


The thing I love about these types of games is the longevity that it offers. Firstly, the game offers 11 distinctive levels with new characters being introduced throughout. To make sure you’re progressing through these levels, you must ensure that you are hitting the goals that are set out. However, if you don’t, this will increase the amount of time you will be spending on the game. In addition to this, there are of course always different ways to tackle these types of games, as you chose different methods to make sure your casino is making money. Overall, there are copious amounts of fun to be had, and I don’t think there will be an issue with replayability.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed playing Blooming Business: Casino. The overall feel of the game is great, and I think it has taken the best of the likes of Theme Hospital and made it even better. My favourite part of the game is defiantly the fact that they’ve used animals, with them being named using puns. I think the game is a must-play for anyone who enjoys this type of genre, and I genuinely believe you’d be missing out if you didn’t give this game a chance. Especially considering the price of the game, you defiantly get your money’s worth if not more.

It is with all this in mind I will be awarding Blooming Business: Casino the Thumb Culture Platinum Award.


Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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