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Have you ever wanted to run a small town for heroes and adventurers to relax, have a drink, buy some armour and weapons, or even train and pick up a quest? Well, Vanargand Games has given us just that with A Hero’s Rest. 

Before we jump into some details of the game, firstly it would be worth mentioning Vanargand Games. They are a new Indie Developer comprised of 2 people, a married couple with a passion for video games. After looking at the developer’s site it seems to be their first release.

Do your best in A Hero’s Rest

Have you heard of this title before? What are you looking forward to doing or seeing from this? Let us know in the Comments.


A Hero’s Rest as mentioned above is a town building/management simulator game that allows you to buy some land, build either a tavern or smithy, etc. and make it attractive to visitors and heroes. Each plot of land you buy allows for a new business to be set up, but you will have to pay more taxes to the king. When you are set up people will start turning up to buy various things you may have for sale.

Image displaying a book themed menu with tiers 1 to 4 of various food items to craft.
Gordon Ramsey would be proud

The Important part here is the heroes you have come to visit. You can set up job classes and name them what you want, their attributes, and the equipment they will use. After this, the heroes will go out and complete quest, and bring you resources so you can make more food or equipment to sell to passers by.

As time goes on you will be able to make more shops, buy more plots, make more classes and even better products for everyone to buy. You will be asked to do some specific tasks by the King and some other side quests that pop up like squashing some goblins to prevent them from raiding your town.

Image of a Hero waving a staff emitting blue sparkles at a target
Planning to commit death by Sparkle

The whole economic setup for A Hero’s Rest is well designed but can be challenging to stay on top of, but it gets more fluent as you progress. The tutorial at the beginning eases you into the mechanics of the game and helps you get started. Throughout the game, some help still crops up for something new, or in case you have been neglecting something.

Graphics & Audio

A Hero’s Rest is only available on Steam so far but shows promise for other platforms (this is not confirmed to happen, just an opinion). For a typical simulator game it is really easy to move about the town between plots (There is a handy navigation bar at the bottom of the screen).

Image displaying a tavern that player has created featuring light layers of snow and lanterns throughout the building.
Relax at a nice Tavern, I wonder if they have hot chocolate?

The graphics for the game are great to look at and even the subtle details of the characters are nice to look at. The art for A Hero’s Rest is smooth rendering in a cartoony style. The detail that can be gone into for the weapons, armour, and equipment crafting is a nice feature. You are able to select the shape of the blade, the hilt, and all of the details across the equipment even colours.

An image displaying a spear being modified at a blacksmith shop
Crafting weapons is like decorating, but deadly

No frame rate issues or bugs were noticed during our time trying this out. So it seems that attention to detail is paid greatly to product quality as well as the content of the game itself.

The sound effects and music for A Hero’s Rest is cheerful and pleasant to listen to while you play. It gives you that feel for the time and environment throughout the game.


This game could easily have many hours played at a time, you could start playing at 2pm, and the next thing you know its 8pm. So A Hero’s Rest leaves that feeling to keep playing, take a break (for health and safety purposes), and get straight back into it. The length of the game seems to be as long as you make it, as you may be used to with simulation games.

Final Thoughts

A Hero’s Rest leaves a lasting feeling of accomplishment, drive to improve, and hunger for more, and for just under £20 it’s a brilliant price for a top-notch game. There is still more to come for A Hero’s Rest and we are excited to see what is on the roadmap. The Developers are on the right path to making a strong game that can be enjoyed for ages to come and we mean it when we say we look forward to what they have to come in the future.

So now it has come to the final verdict, well after a fantastic experience playing this title we have the honour of awarding A Hero’s Rest with a Thumb Culture Platinum Award.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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