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From developers Refinery Games we have 2112TD. 2112TD is a tower defence title that is available across both mobile platforms and PC. Thanks to the team over at Refinery Games we are checking out the PC build of this title.

Accidents Happened

I personally really enjoy tower defence titles and usually play them whilst on the go. Years ago, with its childish yet fun dynamics, Bloons was my go-to. I am now looking out for the next one to pick up and can’t wait to jump into 2112TD.


On jumping into the game it immediately recognises this is your first load. The devs have kindly built in a brief tutorial which gives an overview of some of the elements required to play, including how to research new features, the tactical database and missions. As 2112TD is a port from mobile the UI is straightforward and easy to use, you have health, money and waves in the top corner, Specials in the lower corner and settings in the upper.

2112TD an overview of the red planet level
The Red Planet

The aim of the game is like that of any other Tower Defence title. Build up your defences and stop the wave of attacks from destroying your base. The troops on the attacking side vary in type and strength. Ensuring you have the right defences for taking these quickly is key. Placing larger more powerful weapons throughout the map will heavily assist in taking these down. There is also the option to command each turret. If you don’t have the money for the larger turrets you can have your smaller ones focus on different things. You could have 70% focus on strong targets and 30% focus on weaker targets to balance out where your firepower lands.

The skill tree within 2112TD
The research tree bolsters your defences from the get go!

There are added little extras such as airstrikes a fortification walls and you also have the ability to repair your structures as well. Within 2112TD there is also the ability to trigger Monster waves early. This is highly recommended if you feel your defences are overpowered as you earn extra credits and experience points. After each mission, you will be granted EXP, credits and research tokens. You can use these to upgrade and unlock new weaponry within the research tree. With each wave, the opponents get stronger so you have to ensure your defences grow with this to save everyone from the monsters.

Graphics & Audio

I was worried that like some of the other mobile ports a lot of clarity on the screen. However, 2112TD transfers across quite nicely. There are certain spots where it looks a little rough around the edges but all this can be forgiven with its ease to pick up and play. For example on loading a mission, your control centre gets flown in. Unfortunately at this point, the graphics are a little pixelated. Thankfully this does not detract from gameplay in any way.

2112TD brining in the control centre to take down the monsters
Bringing in the control centre!

When it comes to TD titles, there is always a lack of detail within the sound department. Especially when it comes to games of a slightly basic stature. The soundtrack gets lost or is non-existent and the blaring sound FX of guns and explosions overtakes. In 2112TD this is quite similar, however – Due to its easy-to-pick-up gameplay this didn’t bother me in the slightest. It meant I could play a TD title, alongside catching up and broadening my Spotify playlists.


Tower defence titles in theory have an unlimited life span. If you are a fan, then you will find yourself going back and trying earlier levels once you have figured the mechanics out for a better score. Also, if you are a completionist you will also be looking to fully upgrade/unlock everything in the skill tree.

2112TD The attack drone flying above to help defeat the monster waves
Using the drone to take down enemy lines

On fully completing the campaign mode you unlock nightmare mode and survival mode. Both of these obviously offer more gameplay time. However, survival mode is potentially where you could sink a lot of your time.

Final Thoughts

2112TD isn’t breaking any new ground and due to its simplistic UI designs definitely feels like it has been ported from a native mobile application. however,  This isn’t a bad thing. As there is no continuation in the storyline, this is a title you can just pick up and play whenever you feel like it. With 2112TD having a small download size, it is most likely a game that will sit on your machine and you will visit in downtime. Having said that, It has made me want to download the mobile version as I imagine it makes one hell of a mobile gaming title. I award 2112TD a Thumb Culture Silver Award.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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