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Xbox Gifting Opens To All, Christmas is Sorted!

All Xbox users are now finally able to digitally gift games to other players for the first time ever, as Corporate Vice President of Xbox, Mike Ybarra confirms in a tweet.

For an incredibly long time Steam has allowed users to gift other players games by buying them and sending them as a gift to their chosen recipient. Console users, no matter what platform have not had this pleasure. Originally gifting games on the Xbox was available to a select few Xbox Insiders. However that has now changed.

Mike Ybarra, the Corporate Vice President for Xbox and Microsoft gaming platforms  tweeted that players are now able to pay for store items and gift them to their friends or family. The option introduces a new, “Buy as gift” button which asks the purchaser to enter the email of the person they’re gifting it too, and then the recipient will get a code delivered.

Rules apply of course. Games that are on sale will only allow you to purchase it twice within a two week period. Also the gift must be sent to someone within the same region as you.

So there we go, you can now ask your friends and family for a game directly purchased by them to you! However chances are your parents will still get you a GAME store card.


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