Worst trailer ever appears on PlayStation Official YouTube Channel

We all love trailers, be it film or for games. They offer a sneak peak into what we can expect in that big blockbuster or how cool the graphics are in the next big game (if that’s your thing)

But they are not always good. In fact some are downright dogs dinners. So awful in fact the should never EVER see the light of day. One such trailer has snuck its way onto the Official PlayStation YouTube Channel called “Life of Black Tiger – Preview Trailer | PS4”

It. is. Shit I mean not just a little shit. I mean proper scum of the earth shit. How it made it onto the channel I will never know. If any dear readers tuned into Thumb Culture TV you will have seen our very own Sean play similar looking games, but on his Android phone and suitably ripped the piss out of them you should check them out here (head to the 9 minute mark) and here (head to the 1 minute mark) they are quit funny.

In the meantime, check out official trailer for the upcoming blockbuster Life of Blank Panther above and laugh, and laugh hard.

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