What are the Team are Playing this weekend?

With EGX Kicking off today (Don’t forget to tune in at 1PM BST on the 20th of September to Watch our segment on Cross Platform – Involve Everyone) and the amazing Xbox reveal events of this week, lets take a Look at what the team are playing this weekend:

Brian Milne:

Being as all Yakuza games are finished and there is a massive hole in my life.
I will be mostly playing Judgment and Possibly Metro Exodus. Right now, trying to complete Uncharted 4 in less than 6 hours.

Stuart Shortland:

I will be continuing my journey in the Avengers universe!
Aside from that I will be playing more of a secret upcoming game that I can’t comment on.

Jason Patrick:

I’ve got all 4 kids today and the wife is at work, should be fun. Hopefully I’ll get onto the pc tonight and get to play something!
I have downloaded Railroad Empire which is currently free on the Epic store, so may give that a go.

Mike Differ:

This weekend I shall be playing some AC Odyssey or death stranding over on ps4.

Nicola Leaver:

I’m going to be grinding for grade on Tales of Vesperia. Ps4.


This weekend I’m hoping to start my adventure in the Avengers.


I’ll be playing Marvel’s Avengers this weekend.

Jay Armstrong:

I’ll be playing Control to take a crack at my backlog and Rainbow Six Siege now has Sam Fisher so that too.

Stuart Nightingale:

I will be mostly Playing Crusader Kings 3 and trying to be the King of Wales!

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